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Progressive Retail



Dominion leads the innovation that is putting dealers back in charge of their technology. In 2015, Dominion’s end-to-end technology solutions will be easier to use, will have broader integrations than any other DMS or CRM competitor, will be fully accessible by dealer staff, and will engage the dealer with proactive service and training. Our customers will have technology that improves their workflow and their customer engagement.

Dominion Dealer Solutions began with a vision: to deliver the finest automotive Progressive Retail Solutions™ available to auto dealerships. Starting as a publishing company that featured classified advertising for used vehicles, we quickly discovered that several businesses in the industry were already offering the services we wanted to provide to our auto dealers. In short, we searched, found, and acquired the industry’s top providers of DMS, CRM, Marketing, and Inventory solutions.

In past years, Dominion has worked behind the scenes to organize itself as a single, technology provider on a single, technology platform. Now, auto dealers can manage their inventory, digital marketing, and customer database through a single, powerful yet easy-to-use solution. Our partnership with Microsoft has ensured that we are able to build our products on state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.


DE-building-drawing-finalDominion Dealer Solutions is part of Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services company serving the wide-ranging needs of many industries including real estate, apartments, specialty vehicles, employment, automotive, and travel.

With best-of-category magazines and websites, Dominion Enterprises is one of the largest providers of highly-targeted classified advertising. Our familiar brands are recognized from coast to coast and include ForRent.com, boats.com, homes.com, and HotelCoupons.com as well as a full complement of specialty vehicle titles including CycleTrader.com and Commercial Truck Trader – all reaching millions of consumers.

Dominion Enterprises was established in September 2006 following a division of assets of its predecessor company, Trader Publishing Company, between shared owners Landmark and Cox Communications, Inc. Today, with our classified advertising, publishing, technology, data and web products and services, Dominion Enterprises is well positioned to maintain its dominant market position and is poised to expand upon our proven record of success through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.