Managed Marketing

  • Innovative Strategies To Win Over Customers

    Drive past your competition with these tips and tricks Building a loyal customer base takes more than simply selling cars. Learn how to take the next steps below. Teach Your Customers  Leverage your employees and their valuable knowledge. Take pictures of maintenance team members and ask them to provide a car service tip to be posted as the caption on […]

  • Confessions of a Car Buyer

    1. “I’m not tuning out your digital ad” According to an AdWeek study, car buyers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital ads than the average population. In addition, they are more likely to own smartphones, as well as tablets, and are more prone to be digital video streamers, both online and on mobile […]

  • A Blind Man’s Sign: The Power of Messaging

    The Power of Messaging: From a Blind Man’s Sign to Your Dealership A blind man sits in a park with a sign hanging from his neck saying, “I am blind, please help,” and a tin cup in front of him. A passing man write pauses, seeing only three quarters in the cup. He asks, “Sir, may I change […]

  • Social Media Marketing Is On The Rise

    Social Media Marketing: An Integral Asset For Dealership Advertising Social Media usage and marketing tools are on the rise within the automotive industry. Has your dealership taken advantage of the benefits that social media marketing has to offer? Is your dealership working on social media ads as part of your overall digital marketing strategy? Social […]

  • Want to Attract In-Market Car Shoppers?

    There is a fairly simple merchandising formula for attracting in-market car shoppers to your dealership’s website.  Properly merchandising new and used vehicles involves four-key areas: photos, pricing, vehicle descriptions, and accurate vehicle data.  Focusing on these four areas will ensure a rich and engaging consumer experience for each and every shopper. Photos Today’s car shoppers […]

  • Embrace Profiles to Attract Targeted Buyers

    When it comes to used vehicle marketing and advertising strategies, how would you classify your dealership’s approach?  Is it a “one-size- fits- all” approach or are you targeting the preferred customer segment with the best vehicle message? In today’s data-driven world, dealers have the opportunity to combine interesting and dynamic data sets to build a […]

  • Five Tips for Improved Video SEO Optimization

    Video SEO optimization is one of the best ways to connect with a target market, increase traffic, and improve search results, particularly for auto dealers. Studies have shown that 61% of auto purchasers visited a dealership after viewing videos, and 80% said that video introduced them to a brand they had not previously considered. Unlike […]

  • What is Progressive Retail?

    It’s nothing new to note that technology influences the way we do business to the point where we shape how we do business around the technology available. Mobile technology, for example, allows us to provide information to customers in the middle of the used-car lot and service lane, instead of over a desk. Easy-to-use alignment […]

  • How to do Social Content?

    By: George Nenni What is your PTAT score? Social media usage in the U.S. continues to grow at an impressive clip. With more than 1 out of every 8 online minutes being spent on Facebook, dealers must learn ways they can take advantage of these eyeballs, and build a strong online community. While some dealers […]

  • The Three R’s of Real Time Marketing

    In today’s 24/7 media cycle, there is a constant stream of events happening. Add to the equation the rapidly growing number of social platforms and you’ve got a recipe for successful real time marketing. What exactly is real time marketing? Definitions may vary, however a practical one for use in this article would be; the […]

  • Content is King

    Many years ago, I heard an influential digital marketing speaker tell his audience that the most important next hire in automotive dealerships should be a Content Manager. He was right then, and is still correct today. There is no substitute for great content. Great content is why we choose to have long conversations with a […]

  • The Retirement of The Traditional Billboard

    Consider this scenario: You’re driving down the highway on the way to the dealership. Every 50 to 100 feet you notice a glimpse of a rectangular structure in the air alongside the road. A few years back, billboards were a great method to reach potential customers who might eventually become customers of your business. However, […]