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    Our cloud-based DominionCMX offers the latest in customer marketing management tools, making it easy to work with customers. Learn more.

    Sales Center

    The Dominion Sales Center CRM, has helped auto dealers generate very profitable customer relationships. Learn more.

    Equity Mining – DealActivator

    DealActivator delivers an entirely new stream of business opportunity from highly-qualified equity customers simply waiting to close. Learn more.

    Dominion Web Control

    Dominion’s cloud-based Web Control is still the leading Internet Lead Management tool in the industry, and is certified by every car manufacturer. Learn more.

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A good CRM is the cornerstone of any dealership. With Dominion CRM, your dealership can securely manage leads as well as actively market to prospects. Our CRM tools offer easy-to-use email and reporting technologies to make it easier for your reps and your managers to more effectively do their jobs. As access to technology changes our world, Dominion’s Progressive Retail Solutions continue to stay one step ahead of consumer changes with innovative solutions to help you run your business the way you want to.

Dominion CRM solutions offer scalability to meet your needs and improve your processes.

OEM-compliant and supported by Microsoft Dynamics technologies, our cloud-based DominionCMX® offers the latest in customer marketing management tools using a familiar infrastructure to make it easy for your sales reps to work with customers.

Dominion’s cloud-based Web Control is still the leading Internet Lead Management tool in the industry and is certified by every car manufacturer.


An industry favorite, Dominion Sales Center CRM has provided tens of thousands of dealership personnel with award-winning customer relationship management software and services. Featuring enterprise-level reporting and advanced marketing tools, Sales Center continues to enhance car dealer sales operations nationwide.

With any of these powerful prospect and customer management solutions, your dealership has the opportunity to manage workflow, process, and lead disposition data easily and securely.

In addition, Dominion is redefining the dealer-shopper relationship through expanded marketing functions. Dominion MarketCenterTM combines the power of DominionCMX with managed marketing services, including automated email and electronic newsletter campaign management. Dominion MarketCenter provides the insight that dealers need in order to engage customers at the right time, with the right message. Through marketing automation and powerful analytics, dealers can segment customers and report ROI analytics in real time.