CRM Sales Software for Dealerships

NEW! Autobase

Autobase is back and now it’s online.

The new Autobase enables you to review deals anywhere and on any device. With all of your CRM data security hosted in the cloud, you no longer need an onsite server. Compatible with most browsers, it brings you the speed you already enjoy without the concern around server and backup maintenance.

Save time with Autobase by uploading attachments and images directly from your desktop as well as utilizing saved keyboard shortcuts. Virtually no training is needed to get started, so why wait? Learn more about Autobase.

Talk to a product specialist about our latest CRM solution today and free yourself of servers!


Sales Center

Dominion’s Sales Center CRM, our server-based CRM, is installed in dealerships nationwide, Sales Center continues to drive exceptional prospect marketing results. Over the years, Sales Center has won the coveted DrivingSales award for Highest Rated CRM.

Built by dealership salespeople for dealership salespeople, Sales Center features a very easy-to-use interface, guaranteeing staff adoption and reducing training needs. Customizable skins and screens make Sales Center look and feel the way you want. The technology easily syncs with most third parties and allows you to drive process and results in both your fixed and variable operations. Funnel sales and service leads from every source (showroom, Internet, service, phone, etc) into one solution. In addition, Sales Center features email marketing software and services to facilitate targeted marketing needs.

Proven Results

  • Proven sales processes drive business, promote compliance, and maximize ROI – from the website to the showroom.
  • Best-in-class data mining techniques deliver more opportunities, with greater potential – in less time.
  • Emerging marketing tools deliver a competitive advantage in lead generation, conquest business, and customer retention – all with serious results.
  • Unmatched ease-of-use and flexible screen-to-screen navigation enable your team to accomplish more in less time across fixed and variable ops – with fewer headaches.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs designed to facilitate on-the-lot, remote, and pre-recorded training tools to support your team.
  • Support staff available to handle your urgent needs.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app enables dealership to communicate with customers on-the-fly.

“This CRM tool is great; we have a great relationship with Dominion Dealer Solutions and will continue to use this CRM combined with managed marketing services for our future campaigns.”

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