Customizable Solution & Mobile App

Comprehensive Equity Mining for Automotive Lead Generation

Solid. Simple. Mobile.

Efficiently execute effective campaigns.

DealActivator offers a simple, easy to use equity mining platform that provides customizable user dashboards requiring minimal clicks; the information you need is at your fingertips. This simple approach provides opportunities to execute campaigns virtually overnight in a variety of ways including: Soft Credit Pulls on service customers, lease renewals, aging units etc. Each designed to ensure you can respond quickly to market conditions.

DealActivator Mobile Equity Mining

Our award winning solution easily integrates with most CRMs and provides a equity mining platform that further ensures you can execute and monitor campaigns anytime, anywhere.

DealActivator is available in the service drive or on the sales floor in the palm of your hand with our mobile equity mining smartphone app. DealActivator Mobile allows you and your staff to identify and market to key equity customers on-the-go!

DealActivator Mobile makes it easy to:

  • Quickly call up existing customer information with VIN Scanning
  • Identify service drive opportunities based on Appointment and Open ROs
  • View individual customer records to facilitate awareness of equity opportunities and assist in conversations

Download DealActivator Mobile today:

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