Dealership Equity Mining Lead Generation Solution

DealActivator™ delivers an entirely new stream of business opportunities to your dealership – opportunities from highly-qualified, equity customers simply waiting to close. Turn your current customers into loyal, repeat customers when you offer them a newer vehicle for less money. Adapt and cater to the changes in consumer behavior, and develop a leading competitive edge in your marketplace with DealActivator™ equity mining from Dominion.

awa-logo-webDealActivator was selected 2016 Platinum Dealers’ Choice Award Winner for Data Mining

PCG Consulting presented the AWA Awards to the best website and technology products on the market for car dealers at the Wynn Las Vegas prior to the National Auto Dealers Association convention.

Soft Credit Pulls


Equity Mining is a great way to drive retention business – but what about the thousands of Service customers who’ve never bought from your dealership? With Dominion Soft Credit Pulls you can now conquest business right from your service drive. Pre-screen your Service customer’s credit in real-time. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t affect the customer’s credit score in anyway.

It’s private, secure, and 100% compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


DealActivator Mobile

DealActivator is now available in the service drive or on the sales floor at your finger tips! Using DealActivator Mobile, your dealership staff will be able to identify and market to key equity customers on-the-go! New features include:

  • VIN Scanning to quickly call up existing customer information
  • Identify service drive opportunities based on Appointment and Open ROs
  • Viewing individual customer records to facilitate awareness of equity opportunities and assist in conversations

Download DealActivator Mobile today at the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store.


DealActivator’s new Priority Page is the fastest, easiest way to identify and contact the top equity customers in your database. Priority Page delivers up instant access to the best equity opportunities ranked in priority order. Color-coded system and personalized call scripts simplify follow-up.

Priority Page captures the best possible equity prospects in one place by:

  • Identifying prospects with enough detail to see why they are viable candidates
  • Displaying original deal terms and estimated savings for a new deal
  • Providing access to all contact info, including last contact and marketing status
  • Pull Customers back into the market
  • Optimize Sales in your service drive
  • Secure quality pre-owned inventory
  • Drive your message with targeted marketing
  • Create trust with customers and hone your retention strategy


“Keeping the customer happy is priority one and, with DealActivator, we far exceed their expectations. Knowing that we can provide our customers with a better option has created a level of loyalty like never before, and our staff is more confident as well. The results that we have seen from this easy-to-use product are generally unattainable.”

Patrick AbadWesley Chapel Toyota

With Dominion’s DealActivator™, you can:

  • Determine the current value for each vehicle by model, mileage, market info, and other factors
  • Calculate payoff while considering refundable items (i.e. credit life, disability, warranty)
  • Identify a specific term based on buyer preferences and a specific rate based on buyer history
  • Factor in all current manufacturer rebates and incentives
  • Run the buyer’s vehicle preferences and present vehicle against current inventory
  • Clearly report all opportunities that fit within the dealer’s acceptable profit structure

“In a record quarter, we sold an additional 141 vehicles. In one month, we added 48 sales, grossing over $93,000. Since implementing equity mining, my gross profit has increased 10%.”

Tommy RussellHudson Nissan
  • Monitor and manage the service lane
  • Identify customers who can upgrade their vehicle
  • Identify Conquest Customers (who didn’t buy from you) but are in your service drive

“In the first three months of use, Dominion generated over 200 sales and $700,000 in revenues for our dealerships.”

Jeffrey Tamaroff Automotive Family

Direct Mail

Our Marketing Services Team drives sales by providing:

  • First-class direct mail
  • Dynamic email campaigns

For more information, you can read more about our valuable marketing services.

“Best investment I have ever made.”

23 New sales attributed to DealActivator in first 60 days

5 Trades acquired & sold from equity deals in first 60 days

Rick Roush Honda