Dominion ACCESS® 

Your data, your way

Dominion ACCESS

Dominion ACCESS® brings a complete, fully integrated dealer management system to automobile dealers across the country. The Windows®-based ACCESS system has all the necessary features and functions you need to run your business effectively – ALL included when you purchase ACCESS. One price, one system.

Free monthly upgrades and enhancements means your ACCESS system will constantly improve at no additional cost to you. The top-notch ACCESS customer service team is always available to answer any questions you have – real people to provide you with real solutions. ACCESS gives you more than just a DMS – it equips you with a team of people who care about your business like you do.



  • Includes complete suite of Dealer Management System applications
  • Three year guarantee on support price
  • Unsurpassed integration between departments
  • Service, Parts, Sales & Accounting detail is retained forever
  • Document archiving and scanning is included
  • Plain paper POs, ROs, and Invoices with custom logos
  • No “click” charges for forms
  • Credit reports without surcharges
  • Automatic downloads for Parts Master, VIN decoder, zip code explosion, and system enhancements
  • Enhanced data conversion from existing DMS
  • No long term contracts — support is month to month
  • Unlimited sessions available on any PC
  • Copy/paste functionality (copy a VIN and paste it in your parts catalog)
  • Seamless integration with MS Word, Excel & Outlook
  • “Click” into editable fields. No “top of screen”
  • Print at any printer, any time. Add a printer in seconds
  • Access to YOUR data
  • Built-in prospecting tool – keep track of customer records within your DMS
  • The ability to reference closed deals
  • Top-notch customer service – real, live people that know your business and can give you the answers you need
  • One customer record and one vehicle record for all departments – don’t enter the same information numerous times
  • Flexible contract terms
  • No hidden add-on pricing
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menus and interface; prompts that guide you through necessary steps
  • Access to the functionality you use most (set up personalized dashboards)
  • Effective third-party integration

“I switched from ADP almost 12 years ago and have never regretted it. I’ve enjoyed ACCESS so much I’ve put it into three more stores.”

Dan JanssenDealer, Lee Janssen Motor Co.