Cloud-Based Automotive Software

An industry-changing partnership

Dominion Dealer Solutions and Microsoft have partnered to create a portfolio of integrated solutions that offer highly personalized, connected consumer engagement at any time, in any place. DominionDMX® is flexible, allowing you to work in the way that makes sense for your customers and your dealership, without the constraints you’ve experienced in the past. DominionDMX places the power to manage your business squarely in your hands, fully supported by the functionality you have come to expect from Dominion and Microsoft. From sales to service, parts, and the business office, DominionDMX will enable your employees to be more productive and your dealership to operate more efficiently.

DominionDMX: Automotive DMS

DominionDMX extends the reach of insight, productivity, and collaboration across your entire business – it integrates seamlessly with the Dominion Dealer Solutions suite of products, including DominionCMX™. With complete integration between your customer data, your sales system and your financials, all of your business processes and retail needs become simplified and more efficient with the Dominion suite of products.



Dominion Dealer Solutions brings years of experience in automotive retail and a full circle of solutions to this entirely new DMS. Best of all, this DMS system is built on Microsoft technology, so you and your employees already know how to use it. Implementation is simple, and you will be able to manage all aspects of the software with minimal operational effort. Every piece of this DMS is based on industry standard, cloud-based technologies, backed with a long-term R&D investment. Our solution will enable dealers to engage their customers, employees, and partners seamlessly and more efficiently in order to improve sales, customer satisfaction, and overall operational performance.


DominionDMX and Microsoft continue to deliver on the promise of a comprehensive ERP solution for the automotive vertical that goes beyond basic business management and extends easily to meet unique business needs. Simple to implement and use, the solution delivers innovation that enables all people in an organization to work with information in ways that are familiar to them—today and into the future. It’s the new way to do business.

  • Unprecedented transparency and real-time data sharing throughout every area of your business
  • Ownership and control of your data
  • Open access to standard reports; availability to create custom reports through an integrated reporting suite
  • Secure, true cloud-based technology – no VPN required
  • Proven, forward-looking technology platform

Your customers initially come to you to purchase and service their vehicles. They come back for the experience you give them. Meet them where they are, with all the information you need at your fingertips. With Dominion’s Dealer Management Software, you can anticipate what your customers want and respond in ways that are convenient for them. Give them the connected, collaborative, and personalized experience they expect.


Your dealership management system should support you, not get in your way. DominionDMX for Microsoft Dynamics gives you back the power to run your business the way you want; with a clear view into what’s happening throughout your dealership. DominionDMX offers the first truly enterprise-wide approach, with real-time data connecting all departments, including accounting. You can make data-driven decisions, with visibility into all your businesses — whether dealerships or non-retail operations — and implement changes you want to make.


Your Employees are immediately more effective with DominionDMX. Your staff can enter data once and instantly share it with all the relevant areas of the dealership. The days of multiple entries in different systems and chasing files and reports all over the store are a thing of the past.

Within DominionDMX, features such as role-based home pages, business intelligence and dashboards for performance management give your organization the tools they need to sell and service more vehicles. Integration across Microsoft products like Microsoft Office365 and mobile functionality enhance their productivity, keeping your team out on the floor and connected with your customers.


Your Partners want to work with you; we make it painless for both of you. You can look forward to rich, secure, seamless integration with the partners, manufacturers, and service providers you choose. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel—moving to DominionDMX doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite tools. Our partners are leaders in the automotive retail market with a history of openness and integration. Through a centralized, industry-standard database and open interfaces, your data can be entered once and integrated with third-party applications. There is no need to pay high costs for integration or become your own integrator to have the technology your business needs.