MarketINTEL Report

Market intelligence made simple

The MarketINTEL Report provides an extremely accurate picture of a defined market. Having accurate market intelligence proves absolutely vital to maintaining efficient dealer operations, and the MarketINTEL ensures dealers make better decisions in order to achieve better results.


Detailed but easy-to-read maps, charts, and graphs clearly indicate the exact zip codes where sales are both increasing and decreasing. Identify where sales are growing and target the ZIP codes where the competition is stealing sales. Target the specific zips with the most opportunity for increased sales. Track trends and identify which competitors are on the move. Look at long-term market changes and better evaluate strategic approach.


Detailed segment analysis, includes make and model information, enables dealers to identify sales trends before it is too late. Identify movements in segment popularity to ensure you stock the right inventory. Pinpoint the models gaining popularity and adjust your advertising accordingly.


Detailed ZIP code analysis breaks down the top ZIP codes in your area and clearly identifies the specific buying trends in each section of your market. Determine the exact makes and models that are selling best in each individual ZIP code to make sure you stock the proper inventory. Pinpoint the top-selling dealers in each ZIP and determine your true competitors. Understand the top-selling ZIP codes for each segment to ensure your advertising focuses on the right product in the various areas of your market.