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Your inventory is a critical marketing element that puts you in front of potential prospects and customers. In fact, promoting the right vehicle at the right price with the right message is critical to the success of your automotive dealership.

Dominion Dealer Specialties



Dominion’s Inventory Solution, delivered by Dominion Dealer Specialties, was introduced to dealerships nearly 25 years ago. Today, Dominion’s robust suite of Inventory products and services enable auto dealers to take complete control of their inventory. From photo collection, window stickers, and online merchandising, to inventory pricing, and sourcing, today’s automotive dealership can enjoy complete inventory management.


Dominion Dealer Specialties provides independent and franchise dealers nationwide with the latest vehicle inventory management tools, including do-it-yourself capabilities and unmatched local, dedicated, full-service consultants that service nearly 200,000 vehicles each month with the highest quality photos and distributing inventory to nationally recognized sites.


Inventory SolutionDominion’s Dealer Specialties puts you in control of your inventory while optimizing store efficiency and delivering superior customer service with complete photo collection and professional lot services. Select the right level of lot services required to achieve your business objectives. Combine right-sized lot services with our proven Inventory Manager to utilize the industry’s most powerful and robust data aggregation, analytic and merchandising tools.