Automotive Data Solutions for Dealerships

Powerful Market Intelligence and Sales Reports

Dominion Cross-Sell Report is the leading solution for automotive data in the industry, providing dealers, media companies and financial institutions with market-specific vehicle sales and registration details. The original cross-sell report is still the best in the industry, providing deep insight to make more informed inventory, F&I and marketing decisions.

CSInteractive: Automotive Data Solutions

Comprehensive Performance Reporting

Any Way You Want It

We have the tools you need to truly understand the local automotive market.

The most robust information at your fingertips 24/7. Delivering more than just inventory insight, Cross-Sell Interactive Reports are comprehensive performance reports, providing deep, robust and timely data to help you make more informed inventory, F&I and marketing decisions. Giving you the ability to drill down to deeper data, Cross-Sell Interactive is our most powerful market reporting tool.

The ideal analysis tool for tracking short-term trends and market movements.

Deep market segment and zip code analyses drive this powerful performance measurement tool.

Simple, but informative one-page overview of important market metrics and statistics.