Key Data Points Management Tools for Dealerships

Information the way you want it

Progressive? Yes. Interactive? You bet. That’s Progressive Retail.

Powerful market performance reporting

Cross-Sell Interactive gives automotive dealers a strong competitive advantage by delivering instant access to powerful market and competitive intelligence about the local automotive market. We record and compile new and used vehicle registration data from our 25 partner states to produce comprehensive monthly reports that are custom-made for each client’s specific market. With Cross-Sell Interactive, you can instantly drill down to underlying data for deeper insight and slice and dice critical market data any way you choose.

Competitive Intelligence

Comprehensive market analysis

Customizable dashboard widgets let you instantly evaluate the key data points you access the most, with the flexibility to filter the data any way you choose, providing endless charts and graphs. Stay ahead of the market with complete analysis on how the local market and your competitors are performing, the most effective marketing channels, and who’s buying the paper in your market.

Cross-Sell Interactive delivers all of Cross-Sell’s powerful market reports in an interactive format.

With Dominion Cross-Sell Interactive, you can:

  • Track trends and market movements in a specific market
  • Identify the best vehicles to stock
  • Stay ahead of the market
  • Instantly know who is selling and where
  • Identify who is buying paper in a specific market
  • Bring accountability to the F&I process
  • Keep track of the competition
  • Create a market penetration strategy

Mapping Analysis NEW!

Track market trends

Mapping Analysis provides a heat map view of sales volumes within a specified market and time frame with drill down to underlying data. Pins identify dealer locations so you can quickly see which dealers are increasing and decreasing sales volumes over a specified timeframe.

  • Quickly identify gains and losses over time within a specified market
  • Pinpoint dealers who are over or under-performing the market
  • See where specific dealers are selling and identify top lien holders
  • Identify trends within a specific market

Flexibility and Power

Key data at your fingertips.

Instantly access the data you use most.

  • Customizable dashboard and widgets
  • Endless charts and graphs with the ability to drill down to deeper, underlying data
  • Market-based sales data for new and/or used vehicles
  • Customized segmentation by city, zip code or county
  • All Cross-Sell powerful market reports delivered in interactive format

Explore underlying data with just a click. Drill-down information includes:

  • Seller name
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim
  • Body Type
  • Price (if available)
  • Buyer City
  • Buyer State
  • Buyer Zip
  • Lien holder (if available)