Market Intelligence Tools for Dealerships

Advanced Market Analysis

Available quarterly for the previous period, the MarketINTEL Report delivers extremely accurate market intelligence for a defined location. It enables dealers to pinpoint and understand the trends impacting their market and uncover new market opportunities.

Know Your Standing in the Market

Keep your sales for yourself

Identify where sales are growing and target zip codes where the competition is gaining share.

Market Intelligence Made Simple

See what’s hot and what’s not

Detailed, but easy-to-read maps, charts and graphs clearly indicate the zip codes where sales are increasing or decreasing. Statewide heat maps make it easy to track trends. Users can view new and used vehicle sales by dealer location, owner location and liens for both new and used vehicles within the defined area.

Market Segment Analysis

Identify. Adjust. Sell.

Detailed segment, make and model information helps you identify trends and quickly make adjustments.

Zip Code Analysis

Stock the right vehicles

Know which vehicle makes and models are selling in each zip code so you can develop a targeted marketing strategy. Instantly pinpoint top selling dealers and identify where you are losing or gaining market share.