Classified Listing Sites Tools for Dealerships

Merchandising to Craigslist

Classified listing sites offer greater exposure in local search than any other resource and deliver significant traffic to your dealer website and showroom. Easily manage Craigslist listings from inside Dominion Inventory Manager.

Classified Listings Premium

Share your listings with millions on Craigslist

Classified Listings Premium helps car dealers quickly get inventory in front of millions of online shoppers. We have a Classified Listings Premium package for every size dealership. Just define your monthly budget and target markets and we’ll handle the rest.


  • Listing intelligence to maximize your budget
  • Inventory is organized based on what performs best in your market
  • All form submits, phone calls, texts & emails are recorded
  • Marketing report tracks your ROI and advertising spend
  • Flexible filtering controls including posting frequency, inventory type & price
  • Customized content and personalized messages promote your services and branding


Dominion Inventory Manager Dashboard

  • Manage your entire listing process from within Dominion Inventory Manager
  • Experience massive exposure in your local market, leading to more foot traffic
  • Save time and increase operational efficiency with our fully-managed service
  • Leads are imported directly to your CRM – no need for a Craigslist account or a change in process

It’s easy to get started:

  • Select a Classified Listings Premium ad package
  • Define a monthly advertising budget
  • Set target markets
  • Maximize every ad dollar

Vehicles posted on Craigslist sell 10 days faster than those not listed.