Video Production Services for Dealerships

Experience the fastest growing media format

Online video is the #1 format for driving car shopper consideration.

Forrester Research

For the best consumer experience, every vehicle listing should include a video. According to Google, online video is the #1 format for promoting car shopper consideration. Can you afford to overlook this dynamic merchandising tool?

Let Dominion Dealer Specialties create a video ad for every car in your inventory and reach millions of potential customers through our extensive distribution network.

Walk-around Live Video

Create a virtual test drive

Bring your cars to life. Increase consumer engagement and time on site with Walkaround Live Video. Engage car shoppers with a full-motion review of each vehicle combined with unique descriptors that are customized to what shoppers search for most.

Video is the #1 searched item on Google today.  Expand your website’s content, differentiate your vehicles and your brand all through the use of live video.


62% of car shoppers visited the dealership after watching online vehicle video.

Millward Brown Digital/Google

Proven Process

4 simple steps

It’s easy to deliver professional live video, with our 4-step process:

  1. Capture: Capture the quality of your vehicles with full-motion views of the vehicle inside and out (20-25 seconds of interior; 35-40 seconds of exterior)
  2. Process: Our stabilization feature removes camera shake to ensure your video looks seamless.
  3. Brand: Brand your video with custom intro, outro and clippings, including OEM-specific messaging and CARFAX information, as needed.
  4. Distribute: Display video on your website, YouTube, AutoTrader, and more.

Once the videos are created and uploaded, you can manage them directly from your Dominion Inventory Manager or IVM Mobile app.

Vehicle shoppers are 3 times more likely to respond to a vehicle video than to pictures alone.


Total Video Solution

Ensure an engaging experience

It’s easy to create a custom video for every vehicle. When Live Video is not an option, leverage your existing photo library to merchandise vehicles with Vevo Video featuring 6-8 photos spliced together. Optional wrappers let you customize every listing.