Window Labelling Services and Buyers Guides for Dealerships

Branded on-the-lot merchandising

Custom branded Window Labels and Buyer’s Guides engage on-the-lot shoppers and Internet leads with fast, vehicle-specific information. With just a few simple clicks, you can maintain consistent and professional lot merchandising. Create, print and edit full-color custom window labels and buyers guides directly from within Dominion Inventory Manager.

We have been able to more effectively engage with our more tech-savvy consumers.” (Experienced immediate lift in consumer engagement and 20% increase in sales)

– Xavier Brizar, Internet Director, Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen

Professional Support & Expertise

Labels: not just for prices

Let our design experts customize window labels for your store so you can:

  • Maintain store branding and contact information
  • Include unique marketing messages
  • Display availability of vehicles history reports
  • Advertise vehicle brochures

Drive Deeper Car Shopper Engagement

Let the label lead them to so much more

Leverage mobile technology by attaching QR (Quick Response) codes.

  • Expand consumer relationships instantly from the lot
  • Immediately launch Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs) and vehicle videos
  • Provide real-time vehicle data and store contact information to consumers on-the-go