Direct Mail Services & Solutions for Auto Dealers

Optimized marketing mix

“We have increased our C/P repair order count by 26.8%

Torben Reichhardt, Duval Mazda

No one is better at optimizing a dealer’s marketing mix than Dominion. We integrate direct mail with email and voice messaging campaigns to reduce your total cost and maximize the impact.

With this multi-channel marketing strategy you can contact customers without email addresses or those whose phone numbers are on the Do Not Call (DNC) list. You can also enhance Service Drive revenues with targeted, integrated campaigns to reach customers with New Service Activator.


We take care of it all. From designing to data processing, printing and mailing, we have it covered! We take all the guess work out of the direct mail process. We will discuss with you the message and offers you want to send, cleanse the data through NCOA (National Change of Address) and send to your customers. It’s as easy as that!

Services We Offer:

Data Purchase Mailings

  • Kelley Blue Book Value Append Mailers
  • Black Book Value Append Mailers
  • Prospecting

Service Mailers

  • Specials
  • Clinics
  • Events

Sales Mailers

  • Buy Back Mailers
  • Launch Events
  • Pre-owned Sales

And More!

Direct Mail Examples With literally hundreds of proven, eye-catching direct mail designs, your brand is professionally and artistically represented every time a mailing goes out. You can even build your designs across a customized, recurring program to match Email service reminders, thank you letters, and much more.

Types of Mailers Available:

  • 5.75 x 11 Postcard
  • 8.5 x 11 Half-Fold Letter
  • 8.5 x 11 Letter with Envelope
  • 9 x 6 Postcard
  • And More!

Convert service customers into sales customers. Led by one of our experienced Marketing Managers, our Service Conquest program helps you bring new customers (including those with no recent service history) into your dealership. We identify customers currently in your Service Drive, based on criteria you determine including demographic, vehicle and location data. Monthly, targeted email and direct mail communications keep you connected to these new sales prospects. Three service levels provide the right level of engagement for any size dealership.

Target new customers from your local market. Our Sales Conquest program lets you connect with local car shoppers through targeted, integrated direct mail and email campaigns led by our experienced Marketing Managers. Prospect lists can be created using multiple criteria, including zip code, vehicle ownership and a variety of demographic data to define the best target audience for each campaign. Three service levels fit any size dealership.

In addition to these great service offerings, we also offer one time mailers that can be customized for your marketing purposes. We have special per piece offers available, contact us to see what special is currently available. Whether it is a sales event, service clinic, or general announcement, we can provide the highest quality direct mail piece to deliver your message and get the response you are looking for!


Our high end designs are guaranteed to catch your customers’ attention while helping you generate the results you want.

Sales Results:

  • 4,592 pieces sent, 10 vehicles sold.

Service Results:

  • 4,519 pieces sent, 238 respondents spending a total of $200,875.68.

  • 2,186 pieces sent, 129 respondents spending a total of $37,553.67.
  • Of this total, 57 customers had not been in the dealership for over a year and spent $18,978.77.

  • 3,473 pieces sent, 131 respondents spending a total of $34,350.70.
  • Of this total, 49 customers had not been in the dealership for over a year and spent $20,519.04.

  • 10,099 pieces sent, 15 vehicles sold.