Email Marketing Services for Dealerships

Maximize the potential of every message


Responsive Design Email

A perfect presentation for every screen

Checking email is the top activity for 78% of smartphone users* and more than 80% of them will delete an email that is not mobile-friendly.** To raise the stakes, another 30% will unsubscribe altogether. Not to worry: Dominion’s responsive design emails will always automatically morph themselves to whatever device is viewing them.
*Always Connected Study, IDC!
** Blue Hornet

100 Times A DayIs the number of times people look at their smartphones.*
Make these brief interactions count with focused, mobile-friendly email marketing!


End-to-end Mobile Experience

Seamless transition from start to finish

More and more dealers are realizing the importance of a responsive, mobile-friendly website, but isn’t it important that our emails be responsive as well? Our responsive design email campaigns load quickly, include call and direction icons, engage the viewer with eye-catching graphics, and present one, clear call to action. A consistent, mobile-friendly experience means a seamless transition between email to website — and no one provides that better than Dominion.

Do The Math:

Consider an email campaign targeting 5,000 addresses from your database. Knowing that more than 50% of your emails are read on a mobile device, you might be surprised at the impact of email marketing that is not using responsive design. 2,040 of these potential customers just deleted your email and 765 opted out of your email list.

It’s time to go responsive!

Dynamic Email

Custom communication that drives leads

Driving traffic for this month’s super sale? Need support for a major campaign? Once your dedicated Marketing Manager has consulted with you, he or she will work with one of our many professional designers to create the perfect email piece, customized to meet your needs, support your campaign, and promote your branding.

Service Conquest Campaigns

Convert service customers into sales customers

Led by one of our experienced Marketing Managers, our Service Conquest program helps you bring new customers and those with no recent service history into your dealership. We identify opportunities based on criteria you determine including demographic, vehicle, and location data. Monthly, targeted email and direct mail communications keep you connected to these new sales prospects.

Sales Conquest Campaigns

Target new customers from your local market

Our Sales Conquest program enables you to connect with local car shoppers through targeted, integrated direct mail and email campaigns coordinated by your dedicated Marketing Managers. Prospect lists can be created using multiple criteria, including zip code, vehicle ownership and a variety of demographic data to define the best target audience for each campaign.


The consistent, soft sell approach

Dominion eNewsletters help you stay connected with your customers by delivering product announcements, company news, and lifestyle articles. Our eNewsletters arm you with a unique way of delivering coupons and incentives as well as tips and other non-sales related content that helps to establish your dealership as a helpful resource for relevant information.