Paid Search Services for Dealerships

Deep Linking

Getting beyond the homepage

VinVelocity® uses “deep linking” to usher low funnel web traffic to the most relevant content on your site: your vehicle details pages (VDPs). This strategy removes lead friction and creates an optimal user experience by delivering the VIN-level information consumers are seeking. The result? More conversions from more highly-qualified prospects.


Long-Tail Search

Capture high-value, low-funnel buyers

The traffic you will generate from VinVelocity search ads will be more qualified than general search traffic. These car buyers are more focused, more committed, and know exactly what they want. Serving these shoppers delivers a higher return on your paid search investment.

“VinVelocity is a great tool to track where my shoppers are coming from and what brands they are looking at. I’m able to track unique users and see which vehicles are hot ticket items.”

Kyle Athey, Social Media & Internet Director, Alexandria Motors

Call Tracking

Dynamic number generation

Each visitor we send to your website from a VinVelocity search ad will see a unique phone number we’ve assigned to your dealership. We capture critical information and record each call to make it easier for you to qualify leads, coach your staff, improve customer service and measure the success of your paid search campaign.

Full Automation

Thousands of search campaigns

It would otherwise take an army to achieve what we automate for you every day. VinVelocity updates with your inventory, automatically creating multiple, targeted ads for VIN in stock. This enables you to run large-scale, highly productive pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns without the high costs of outside agencies.

VIN-Level Reporting

Deep Insights from Deep Linking

VinVelocity will provide you with actionable, robust reporting to help you better understand how car buyers interact with your inventory. Determine which cars are generating the most (or least) clicks and impressions, which cars generate the highest click-through-rates (CTRs), and see where those consumers are located.