Digital Marketing Dashboard for Dealerships

Dealers have made significant investments in multiple technologies to power their dealership through an expanding digital landscape. Too often, this data resides in disparate solutions, so key metrics are not aligned, impeding the ability to make strong business decisions.

Dominion Marketing Dashboard

Dominion Dashboard is an easy, one-stop location to view key metrics related to your Dominion website, inventory, reputation and social media products. Dominion Dashboard makes it easy to gain full visibility and instant access to manage all your digital activities with one click.

With Dominion Dashboard, you get:

  • Singular Data Source
  • Single Login
  • Results Measured on the Same Scale
  • Ability to Collectively View Success from All Dominion Programs

Simplify Management Across Your Expanding Digital Presence

  • Inventory Health Dashboard

  • Inventory
    View critical inventory health KPIs and monitor performance on all third-party sites.

  • Website
    Know which marketing activities drive
    the most site traffic.

  • Web Analytics Dashboard

  • Reputation Dashboard

  • Reputation
    Monitor and evaluate your entire digital presence.

  • Social Media
    See which social networks drive the best
    car shopper engagement.

  • Social Dashboard