My Car

Introducing Dominion’s Shop-by-Car solution for Dealer Groups

Shoppers want to find their perfect fit

“What is my perfect vehicle?”

Dominion’s My Car delivers high quality leads from high-funnel shoppers. My Car offers what is arguably the industry’s most intuitive interface for comparing vehicles of interest. By highlighting the key differences between vehicles, My Car helps shoppers focus on what’s important to them. You’ll enjoy more conversions and deeper engagement with online shoppers.


Vehicle Comparison Tool Helps Your Shoppers

Customers enjoy comparisons, you enjoy insights


Ranks vehicle “fit” based on the shopper’s unique criteria

My Car searches based on shoppers’ wants and needs. Including fuel economy, safety performance, and other features like: seating, horsepower, navigation, bluetooth and more.


Elegant comparison interface with configurable design & inventory display

Researchers can compare models side-by-side. By ranking the vehicle matches in order of how they meet shoppers’ needs, My Car makes it easy for shoppers to narrow down their search.


Enjoy deep behavioral insights based on shopper search criteria

My Car will gather information on each shopper that compares vehicles within your group sites. Accessing this specific information on a customer’s desires will be advantageous when making the sale.


Drive engagement & conversion rates through simple & intuitive experience

Attract shoppers with the experience they will receive on your dealer group sites before they shop with your competitors. The flexibility within your sites will keep them on your sites longer.


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