My Payment

Introducing Dominion’s Shop-by-Payment solution for Dealer Groups

“In July alone we received over 220 leads from My Payment”

Benji Urra Jr., Benji Auto Sales

Drive Up To 77% More Leads

Show shoppers their true monthly payments

Dominion’s My Payment drives leads from dealership websites by giving shoppers real answers to their payment questions. Dominion’s My Payment is the only product in the industry that enables shoppers to search inventory based on true monthly payments, not estimates.

Capture Shoppers Who Are Ready To Buy

Quality, high-performing leads

    My Payment Brings Success To Dealerships

    More leads. More sales.

    “We saw 48 new leads in the first month with My Payment. Since then, it’s brought us as many as 204 leads in a 30 day period.”

    J.R. Roberts, General Sales Manager, Middletown Ford

    Convert More Shoppers Into Buyers

    Boost engagement, trust and leads


    Engage shoppers

    Enable shoppers to build their own payment structure on your site, and they will continue to engage with your site and move further into the funnel.


    Accurate rates, payments & programs

    My Payment uses Soft Credit Pulls to find credit tiered rates for each shopper. It also includes rebates and incentives, customizable down payments and pricing options.


    Build trust

    Show shoppers their true payment information for every vehicle in stock. Help them understand their rates before they even enter your dealership.


    Drive conversion

    Clickable calls to action show monthly payments right on the button. Drive low funnel shoppers deeper into the funnel.

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