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Real-time updates and streamlined processes

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Sales and F&I

Everything you need in one system.

Increase your bottom line with efficient sales and back end processes using one system. ACCESS makes it easy to compare payments, search inventory and view real-time costs. Excellent integration between prospects and sold customer appointments creates less stress for the customer and higher CSI. Automation marketing for service contracts gives your F&I manager time back in their day to focus on profit leaks and in-depth reporting from sales and F&I.

ACCESS DMS Sales and F&I provides your dealership the ability to:

  • Increase ROI with a streamlined sales process and with real-time updates
  • Reporting allows for deep data analytics to see where ROI is coming from and where processes can be made more efficient
  • Data is archived forever in ACCESS
  • Easily mine service customers for extended service contract marketing and automatically print mailers

Fixed Operations

Simple interfaces require less clicks and speed up processes.

When fixed operations makes up 60% of most dealerships revenue, it’s important to make sure your DMS has efficient processes to maximize ROI. Automating scheduling, appointment reminders and follow-up simplifies your service processes. Easy-to-navigate user interfaces for the service and parts departments speed up training. Less clicks per task make for a faster customer checkout. Generate higher CSI and ROI with ACCESS Fixed Operations processes.

Parts and service provides your dealership the ability to:

  • Automatically generate letters, postcards and emails to send as service reminders
  • Generate a higher CSI with SMS text notifications and online appointment setting
  • Easily track and maintain inventory with integrated Quick Lube application
  • Efficient Part View application allows for minimal clicks when adding parts on an invoice during customer checkout

Accounting & Payroll

Features to keep you organized. Data to help you improve.

ACCESS’s Accounting and Payroll features help your dealership improve processes, reporting and overall performance with sought out capabilities that come standard. Dominion’s DMS offers customized or standard Excel reporting to compare, reconcile and review transactions in fewer steps – heightening your ability to analyze your data. Automated reporting in our dealer management system makes your employees’ lives easier. Ensure accuracy knowing that ACCESS stores all of your accounting history, allowing for checks and balances.

ACCESS provides your dealership with the ability to stay organized and the customized detail reporting you need to keep track of your ROI.

  • Investigate reporting from a high level and dive deeper into expenses to minimize leaky profit centers
  • Save time with features like: automatic reporting and ordering
  • Trusted security measures keep your data safe
  • Communicate with departmental employees or across departments with our intra-company communication tool integrated into all the major modules of Dominion ACCESS
  • Keep your finger on the dealership’s activity with standard reporting options

Support & Training

A team that cares about your business.

Dominion’s DMS offers award-winning support and training help you maximize your ROI. The ACCESS customer service team is always available to answer any questions you have. ACCESS is more than just a DMS – it provides you with a team of people who care about your business like you do.

  • ACCESS Support team is just a phone call away with the expertise you require
  • On-demand help help is just a click away with ACCESS Screen
  • Training is a breeze with ACCESS’s Windows based, easy-to-use interface
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