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Your Dealership Should Consider AI Now.

“The best time to plant a tree,” instructs the age-old proverb, “is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now.” And so it goes with artificial intelligence (AI) and your dealership. The automotive industry didn’t have the tools to implement AI twenty years ago, but it does now. Are... READ MORE >
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Hints your smartphone provides about your DMS

No need to pull out your iPhone or Android and ask Siri or Google Assistant. Just contemplate it for a second. Unless you are very young, chances are it’s not your first mobile phone. Why? Because technology has rapidly evolved over the last thirty-five years. If you had one of the earliest... READ MORE >
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What’s in a name? Dominion VUE® WebDMS

Built on experience. Designed for the future. Our newest cloud-based DMS solution is still called Dominion VUE®. But since it is the first built in the cloud, for the cloud dealer management system, we’ve always believed that calling it a DMS just didn’t fit. The introduction of Dominion VUE... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS), Dominion Dealer Solutions,
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Dominion Dealer Solutions’ DealActivator Named 2019 Auto Dealer Today Dealers’ Choice Award Winner

Company Secures First Place in Data Mining Category Norfolk, VA – August 15, 2019 – Dominion Dealer Solutions™, the leading provider of automotive dealer customer experience solutions, announced today that its DealActivator data mining service secured first place in the 15th Annual Auto... READ MORE >
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Marketing Dealer of the Month: Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno

Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno’s team is committed to providing its customers with a one-of-a-kind mix of professionalism and approachability while serving as true experts regarding the Chrysler and Jeep brands. Maintaining lasting relationships with its customers is vital to the business. With... READ MORE >
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Motor Mile Kia Boosts Overall Reputation with Dominion Prime Response®

Motor Mile Kia, of the Shelor Motor Mile Group, had an online presence before partnering with Dominion Dealer Solutions and handled reviews in house. However, Digital Marketing Manager Ken Neel wasn’t satisfied with their star-rating or their average number of monthly reviews.  “At the... READ MORE >
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5 Reasons To Not Worry About Securing Your Data

Reason #1: You’d look great in a prison jump suit Reason #2: Your dealership has more than enough cash to pay the civil penalties Reason #3: Your dealership could use less business. Reason #4: Data security is my vendors’ responsibility, not mine. Reason #5: You think GLB is a new sandwich... READ MORE >
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Leverage the Big 3 for the Best Service Customer Experience…and profits!

Customer experience is everything today. Consumers are expecting more from all the businesses they interact with whether it’s their rideshare service, gym, favorite restaurant, bank, etc. Disappoint customers today and they will let their friends and the whole world know about it in online... READ MORE >
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Do you know where your dealership’s reputation stands?

A recent survey conducted by AutoSuccess and Dominion Dealer Solutions addressed how consumers perceive online reviews.  The survey asked a few simple questions concerning reputation management. It opened with a story about a man who forgot to celebrate his wife’s anniversary. To avoid his... READ MORE >
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Digital Disruption

Disrupt My DMS Please!

Any time any large industry matures, eventually disruptors will enter and try to change the paradigm. You know the examples…Uber & Lift disrupted the taxicab industry…Netflix disrupted Blockbuster Video…digital photography disrupted Kodak, Polaroid, and others. Markets get disrupted when... READ MORE >
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