4 “Google Posts” Best Practices

4 “Google Posts” Best Practices

Google at its core is an informational platform, but a new aspect of the search engine allows it to become a more social platform. Google Posts rolled out this summer to any business with a Google My Business login. The posts are visible on the Google My Business Knowledge Panel, and show up “above the fold” on a desktop website. On mobile, the posts now appear directly under the “describe this place” information as well as in a separate tab.

Automotive dealers can have up to 10 posts at a time. Multiple posts will appear in a carousel format on the desktop version of a dealership’s website. On mobile, these same posts show up under the “Posts” section. While they aren’t searchable, it’s a great way to showcase what your new or used car dealership has to offer- service deals, new car specials or events. When thinking about these posts, here are some best practices:

  1. Keep it short. The description allows for up to 1500 characters, but 150-300 characters is ideal. Only those first 150-300 characters will show up before an ellipsis will be put in place, so only write what’s necessary to convey your message.
  2. Use square, center-weighted, high quality images. Just like any social media post, pictures catch the eye first, so make sure you’re using high-quality images that are visually appealing. Any image will be cropped to a square size once it’s uploaded. Smaller than 250×250 pixels aren’t useable.
  3. Don’t be gimmicky. No one wants to read something in all caps, or with multiple exclamation points, or with the same phrase repeated over and over. It’s more important to be timely and precise than it is to be sales-y. Keep it relevant.
  4. Track your URLs. In Google My Business, each post will show the number of views and engagement. However, it’s best to track any URLs that are part of each post so you can see which posts are driving the most traffic. Tracking the URLs will help you find what works best for your auto dealership.

Google Posts are much more visible than Google Plus, which fewer people use. To make a quick announcement or promote a special or event, try Google Posts. Google is a trusted site, so promoting your dealership on the Google will boost customer trust.

For help with Google Posting or any other facet of your digital marketing strategy, contact Dominion Dealer Solutions today!

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