5 Quick Tips to Transform your Dealership’s Email Marketing


The email market has been drastically changing over the years. Consumers no longer sit at home, boot up their computers, and check their emails solely at the beginning or end of each day. With the growth of mobile use, accessing email anytime, anywhere has become a common feature among both automotive shoppers, and the consumer market as a whole. In 2013, The Radicati Group reported  in their 2013-2017 Email Statistics Report that mobile email users, including both Businesses and Consumers, totaled 897 million worldwide.

As adoption of mobile use progresses, email marketing must change and adapt in order to continue to be effective and relevant in today’s automotive market. The goal of any email is to get the consumer to open and then ultimately, engage and/or buy the product or service being touted. So as a dealership, how do you create more effective emails? We have put together 5 quick tips from Hubspot that could help your email marketing strategy and potentially drive up sales.

  1. Shorter subject lines With smaller mobile screens comes the need for shorter subject lines. Keeping subject lines between 20-40 characters helps ensure that your email will come through exactly as planned. Nothing impairs the effectiveness of an email like a cutoff subject line.
  2. NEVER use noreply@company.com As a dealership, customers may have questions.  They do not want to see that they cannot reach out to a representative or customer service. Make your email available to the customer. Ask the consumer to contact you personally if he or she has any questions.
  3. Preview Text By adding a short sentence or two of what resides inside the email, you can spark the interest of the reader. Add text by copy and pasting a snippet into the preview text box which is usually right under or around the subject line.
  4. Do not make false promises As a dealership you want to honor any promise you make to a customer. If you make false claims through email, it could irritate the customer and create an unwanted feud.
  5. Use Numbers Adding a number to the subject line in your title can spark curiosity. Humans naturally gravitate towards articles that have titles such as “10 ways to boost your dealerships website productivity” or “7 ways to digitally market your car dealership”.