5 Simple Rules to Capture a Flawless Automotive Photo

Dealerships need photos- especially when sharing content with the general public. Whether it is a photo for your dealership’s website or a photo for social media, you can learn how to take professional pictures without using a professional photographer. All you need is a camera or Smartphone. With today’s technology it would be best to invest in a good quality, professional camera, but if that’s not an option, using your Smartphone to take pictures can actually reap the exact same benefits as a professional camera would.

Good photography comes from the heart. You have to think creatively and strategically especially if you are dealing with a not so perfect surrounding. But, with the right tools and knowledge you can take the perfect photo.

Here are 5 simple rules to capturing a flawless photo.

Rule #1: Lighting is Everything

One of the most important rules to taking a perfect photo is to make sure your lighting is adjusted to the mood in which you want the establish. Different lighting tones create different perspectives on photos. If you want a happy and peaceful mood, make sure your lighting is bright. If you want a serious or dramatic mood then darker works betterBefore-and-After-I. Also, if you want to capture your vehicle in its most raw and beautiful form, then use natural light. Take a photo of your inventory outside or by a window. Then you won’t even have to use flash which could leave the photo with unwanted glares.

Rule #2: Envision the End Photo

Before snapping the photo, envision what you want the finished picture to look like. Do you want it to stand out? Do you want it to be simple yet effective? Visualize it. This is your chance to take an image in your mind and make it come to life.  All the details matter before you take the photo. Look for the perfect setting around your dealership. It could be inside the dealership, on the dealership lot, or you can take the car to a local’s favorite spot. Whatever the outcome of the photo may be, create it in your mind first.

Rule #3: Details Matter

Before you snap a photo, look at its surroundings through the lens. Ask yourself if anything jumps out at you as unusual or not relevant. These findings could be anything from a piece of trash in the background or the shape in which you want the car to be perceived. Make sure you are taking a minute to examine everything. If your gut feeling is that there is something missing or there is too much, you are probably right.

Rule #4: Horizon Lines Count

Have you ever tsquare grid boxaken a photo and the horizon line isn’t so horizontal? Make sure you take a minute to examine and fix it. For example, if you took a photo of an automobile from your dealership on a beach with water in the background, then look at the line where the ocean meets the sky. If it is not horizontal then fix it in your Smartphone photo editor. Use the square grid box as a guide to straighten the horizon line. You can rotate the photo on a degree basis so you can straighten it to perfection.

Rule #5: Keep it Simple

Sometimes less is actually more which means your photo should not be10-10-08-electric_ruf_450 overwhelming with detail. Look to see if there is too much background noise and clutter. Making sure that there is not too much going on will keep your consumer engaged on what you want them to actually see. For example if you have a car in the photo and there are too many people walking in the background or there is too much going on in the background, the consumers eyes may not focus on the car, but rather looking too see what else is going on. Spend some time trimming around the edges of the image or create photo clippings to help simplify the picture.

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