5 Tips to Increase Leads with a Trade-in Tool

5 Tips to Increase Your Leads with a Trade-In Tool

1. Don’t ask for too much information.Trade-in tool

When a customer clicks on a “Value Your Trade” button, they are seeking information and want it as quickly as possibly. Your tool shouldn’t ask for information that would slow down the process for consumers. Begin by asking the customer about their existing car. That way they feel like the process they asked for is actually starting.

2. Capture mobile customers

Usually a dealer’s main website is chock full of things for your customer to do however many times the mobile site is pretty bare by comparison. Customers should be able to obtain the value of their trade (and submit a lead) even if they visit your mobile site. Your trade-in tool should be mobile friendly so that you can capture mobile shoppers. Otherwise, customers on mobile devices will obtain the information they need from other websites, perhaps even your competitor’s.

3. Integrate your inventorytrade-in tool

Most tools ask consumers what they want as a replacement vehicle. This is a great opportunity for dealers to find out what consumers are interested in and get them into another car. Your trade-in tool should integrate with your inventory data so that when a customer expresses an interest in a sedan or a particular make and model, you can show them the vehicles you have that fit the bill.

4. Solidify customers’ intent to visit

When you engage with a customer that completed a trade-in form, remember to keep the emphasis on their cars, not yours. Their immediate concern is related to how much their current car is worth, not what you can put them in.

When you get the consumer on the phone, continue the conversation about their car. Confirm that you have received the current vehicle information and would be very interested in reviewing the car. If you pivot too quickly to your vehicle inventory, you could be missing out on an opportunity to solidify the customer’s intent to visit the store.

5. Offer an incentive to come into the dealership

Once you capture the customer’s lead information, your dealership can begin reaching out to the customer. An easy way to make the customer reach out to your dealership is to offer them something for coming in to have an appraisal date.

Your trade-in tool should follow up with the customer with an auto-response email that provides them with a written copy of the vehicle valuation information and an offer that expires. For example, present the customer a coupon for a $25 gas card, a free oil change or Starbucks’s card if they come within 48 hours of getting the valuation information.

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