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Are you Heading to Driving Sales?

Wondering what’s next in retail automotive? Or just trying to stay ahead of the innovative curves in the industry? Either way, join our top executives at the DrivingSales Executive Summit where we are the proud Wi-Fi sponsor and RideDSES Co-Sponsor. Running from Sunday, October 21st through... READ MORE >
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Experience Dominion’s Dealer CRM at a Deeper Level

Vision Dealer CRM: Dive Deeper

Experience Dominion’s Dealer CRM at a Deeper Level Our dealer CRM, Dominion Vision is shaking up the automotive CRM marketplace. Recently, we’ve built some additional features that allow users to utilize even more of Dominion Vision’s intelligence. Our focus on equipping dealers to better... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
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Automotive Marketing Decisions With Data

Drive the right automotive marketing messages to the right customers using Data-driven decision making. What is Data-Driven Decision Making? Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Despite this statement, companies have... READ MORE >
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Mopar Orlando Conference

Upcoming Mopar Conference

See you at Chrysler MOPAR Orlando Service & Parts Business Conference! Looking to learn more about the latest technology in the automotive industry, participate in interactive and educational workshops, and meet talented speakers that will help your dealership implement better practices? Then... READ MORE >
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Stake of the DMS Market

The State of the DMS Market

A recent poll was conducted by the National Automobile Dealers Association and Dominion Dealer Solutions that addressed the current state of the DMS. The Dealer Management System was created specifically for the automotive industry to help dealers manage, measure, control, and report on their... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS),
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Electronic Maintenance Menus in Your Service Drive

Are You Using Electronic Maintenance Menus in your Service Drive? In a highly competitive automotive service market dealers are looking for any competitive edge to increase market share. Electronic Maintenance Menus give you the opportunity to increase service gross and CSI while empowering your... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS),
Dealer Management System, dms, Electronic Maintenance Menu, Fixed Ops,

Driving Inventory Decision Making with Data

The days of making company decisions purely on a whim are long gone. In the current data-based era, companies can make swift decisions based on more than just intuition and observation. Data-based decision making is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses. Although data-based decision... READ MORE >
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Using First-Party Data to Maximize Profitability

A recent study conducted by Automotive News and Dominion Dealer Solutions reveals the challenges automotive dealers face when trying to improve retention and revenue. The study also demonstrates how dealers can be proactive in maintaining customers in order to maximize profitability and ensure... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Mining,
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Dealer Specialties syndicates to Facebook Marketplace

 Manually uploading inventory to Facebook is over. Users will be able to use automated syndication to list their inventory at no additional cost. September 10, 2018 Norfolk, VA: Today, Dominion Dealers Solutions’ portfolio company Dealer Specialties announced a new inventory syndication... READ MORE >
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Do you know where your dealership’s reputation stands?

A recent survey conducted by AutoSuccess and Dominion Dealer Solutions addressed how consumers perceive online reviews.  The survey asked a few simple questions concerning reputation management. It opened with a story about a man who forgot to celebrate his wife’s anniversary. To avoid his... READ MORE >
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