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Success Story: Hill Nissan Attributes 25% of Monthly Sales to DealActivator

By: Lindsay Crosson, Product Marketing Manager Prior to partnering with Dominion Dealer Solutions, Hill Nissan struggled with their equity mining success because of inaccuracies with customer data. The ease-of-use and adaptability of DealActivator led Hill Nissan to bring the equity mining solution... READ MORE >
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Use these Amazon features to improve your inventory posts

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Specialist  Currently, Amazon sits in the Northwest part of the United States looking for ways to expand their business. In the US, they purchased Whole Foods allowing them to sell groceries in addition to their current offerings while in countries like Italy and... READ MORE >
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Cross Sell, Inventory Manager, Lot Services, Photo Services, Vehicle Videos,

DMS Features to Help Run Your Dealership Like Amazon

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Specialist Amazon continues to take over every industry imaginable. They are constantly expanding, all while maintaining the customer loyalty needed to be considered a profitable e-Commerce giant. It is hard to go a day without hearing about them in some way. Recently,... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS),
Automotive Dealer Management System, Dealer Management System, dms,

The Cost of Doing Business on Legacy Systems

By: Alex Haab, Product Marketing Manager Today, every business relies heavily on technology as the various software products keep businesses running and competitive within a specific industry. The automotive industry is no exception. Many new car dealerships still use legacy systems. In this case,... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS),
Automotive Dealer Management System, Automotive DMS, Dealer Management System, dms, Dominion VUE, Dominion VUE DMS, VUE DMS,

Top Used Vehicle Sales in 2017

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager With the influx of off-lease vehicles returning to car dealerships, NADA forecasts around 15.3 million used vehicles will retail in 2018 for new-car dealerships. NADA senior economist Patrick Manzi stated, “…the mix of these late-model... READ MORE >
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By: Amy Peck, Director of Marketing Services We are excited to recognize Reno Buick GMC as our Dealer of the Month! Reno Buick GMC was established in April 2011 and is one of the top dealerships serving the Northern Nevada area. They are committed to driving the ultimate experience for their... READ MORE >
Digital, Reputation Management, Social Media,
automotive reputation management, automotive social media advertising,

Dominion Dealer Solutions Unveils State-of-the-Art Dealer Management System for Automotive Dealers

NORFOLK, Va. – JAN 22, 2018 – Dominion Dealer Solutions announced today the launch of its cloud-based automotive dealer management system (DMS), Dominion VUE™. Hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, this latest achievement from Dominion features an intuitive interface and bank-level... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS), News,
Automtoive Dealer Management System, dms,

Digital Marketing in the Age of Amazon

By: Stephanie Morris, Marketing Content Coordinator  Amazon has quickly become a powerhouse for online shopping. Shoppers can buy jewelry, clothes, electronics and even food with just the click of a button. Amazon has expanded its reach while keeping the shopper in mind, thus making it is easier... READ MORE >
"automotive digital marketing service", automotive reputation management,

Running a Dealership Like Amazon with CRM and Equity Solutions

By: Stephanie Morris, Marketing Content Coordinator  You may be asking yourself, “how can I run my dealership like Amazon?” Automotive dealerships and Amazon seemingly offer completely different products, with Amazon offering everything from clothing to groceries and dealers focusing solely on... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Equity Mining,
automotive crm, Automotive equity mining, dealership crm,

Website Design Spotlight – Ashland Ford Chrysler

By: Amy Peck, Director of Marketing Services This month’s website design spotlight is Ashland Ford Chrysler. Ashland Ford Chrysler is located in Ashland, Wisconsin. They are proud to be the leading dealer in Ashland and its surrounding areas. Ashland Ford Chrysler boast excellent ratings for all... READ MORE >
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