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Success Story: Mike Shaw Automotive Group Finds the CRM Communication & Reporting Functionality They Need

By Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist Mike Shaw Jr., Vice President of Mike Shaw Automotive Group, was struggling to find a CRM to fit the needs of his multi-store dealership. The “one size fits all” legacy system his dealership used lacked adaptability and no longer suited Shaw’s... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Dominion Vision,

Dominion Dealer of the Month: Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown

By: Marci Trares At Mercedes-Benz of Hagerstown, it’s all about customer service. The dealership has proudly served its community for more than 60 years and focuses their efforts on providing a unique car-buying experience that continues to get better with time. “Over the last 30 days, the... READ MORE >
"dealer digital marketing", Reputation Management, Social Advertising,

Supercharge Dealer Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

By Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist New technologies are created every day to make our lives easier, and this acceleration in technological change means we must adapt. New advancements like Artificial Intelligence, or AI, are forcing businesses to adjust as well. For many companies, 2018... READ MORE >
"automotive digital marketing services", AI, Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing, Email, Email Marketing, Machine Learning,

AI, Machine Learning and the Future of Fixed Ops

By Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist  The demand for automation and simpler processes continues to drive the development of new technologies, so it comes as no surprise that new tech is impacting our entire lives. Technology helps us navigate through traffic during rush hour. We can... READ MORE >
Dealer Management System (DMS),
AI, Artificial Intelligence, Auto Dealer DMS, Automotive DMS, dms, Machine Learning, VUE,

Using AI & BI to Enhance Your Customer Experience

By Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist New advancements in the automotive industry mean that dealers must stay alert and adjust quickly in order to keep up. In today’s tech-based world, it’s important to provide an exceptional customer experience during your first encounter and... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Mining,
Automotive equity mining, CRM, Data Mining, Equity Mining,

Creating a Better Vehicle Inventory with Business Intelligence

By: Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist New technologies are changing the way modern day businesses run. This definitely isn’t breaking news, but are you utilizing these advancements to their maximum potential? Business intelligence and artificial intelligence are newer developments that... READ MORE >
Inventory Management,
automotive inventory management, business intelligence, inventory software, vehicle inventory,

Dealer Specialties vs. The “Other” Guys

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager Vehicle photos are extremely important to a dealership’s business both on and offline. There are many options to choose from when it comes to hiring professional photographers for inventory merchandising. However, not all companies and... READ MORE >
Inventory Management,
"automotive inventory marketing", automotive inventory management, Dealer Specialties, dealership photography, Dominion Inventory Manager, Lot Services,

Fuel Dealership Success and Employee Satisfaction with Structured Workflows

By: Mike Ridenour  Previously published on AutoSuccess Dealership sales employees are often heavily loaded with prospects possessing differing levels of information in the CRM. With lead possibilities scattered throughout the CRM, it can be difficult for reps to zero in on who to contact and how... READ MORE >
Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
Autmotive CRM, CRM, dealership crm,

Dominion Dealer of the Month – Acura of Tempe

By: Laura Limosana, Account Manager We’ve all heard it, “You have 8 seconds to make an impression on a customer.” With this knowledge, it’s hard to ignore the need to create email marketing campaigns that immediately capture a customer’s attention. The Service Manager at Acura of Tempe... READ MORE >
"automotive digital marketing service", Automotive Email Marketing, Car Dealership Email Marketing, Email Marketing,

The End of Facebook Partner Categories is Not the End of Powerful Data

By: Kevin Hebert, Product Manager, Social Advertising   Facebook users continue to expect greater transparency and control over what data is shared with Facebook, thus the social networking company has announced that they will be ending Partner Categories within the next 6 months. Partner... READ MORE >
Digital, Social Media,
Data, Dealership Data, Facebook, Facebook Categories,

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