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StoryBuilder: The Gift of Leads

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, especially for retailers and other businesses. However, with cold weather keeping many shoppers indoors, the holiday season can sometimes be slow for dealerships. Although most manufacturers and dealerships advertise holiday discounts and special... READ MORE >
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Dealer of the Month – Walker Jones

We are excited to recognize Walker Jones as our Dealer of the Month! Walker Jones is South Georgia’s Automotive Superstore. Walker Jones sells 9 brands of new cars and trucks, and has a large selection of used inventory. They also have over 60 bays in the service department, and a state of the... READ MORE >
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Your Mobile Phone Holds The Key To More Customers!

In today’s world, cell phones seem to be extensions of our arms – and your dealership’s sales team is no different than the rest of us. A salesperson will thrive if they have the same equity insight on their mobile device as they do on their desktop computer. Dealerships that utilize... READ MORE >
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4 “Google Posts” Best Practices

Google at its core is an informational platform, but a new aspect of the search engine allows it to become a more social platform. Google Posts rolled out this summer to any business with a Google My Business login. The posts are visible on the Google My Business Knowledge Panel, and show up... READ MORE >
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Wrap Up Your VDPs with StoryBuilder

Does your dealership give car shoppers adequate and engaging vehicle comments? When it comes to online vehicle descriptions for new or used car listings, the answer is probably not. Did you know that 26% more car buyers traveled 30+ miles to an automotive dealership that had custom vehicle... READ MORE >
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Become the Ray Kroc of Your Dealership – Communication

In part 2 of our blog series Become the Ray Kroc of Your Dealership, we reviewed the important reporting features and processes within a Dealer Management System (DMS) that make dealers more like the renowned, process-driven fast food giant, McDonald’s. …process can only be perfectly... READ MORE >
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2018 Dealership Marketing Predictions

At Dominion Dealer Solutions, we are always looking for ways to help dealers get ahead and stay ahead. Here are the key marketing trends that Dominion Digital Marketing believes will be most influential in 2018. Websites and SEO The past year was about establishing trust with website security while... READ MORE >
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Video: Be Thankful for Quality Inventory Photos

It’s tough to appreciate quality features if you haven’t experienced them previously. So, the mention of high quality vehicle photos probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to retail automotive dealers- that is, until they see the difference. We promise, there IS a difference! You’ll be thankful... READ MORE >
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Predictive Advertising and Automotive – A Perfect Match!

Major life decisions are being made online. If a person can apply for a career, shop for a home, and even find love online, then consumers can find their next vehicle online. Social Media has revolutionized the way businesses interact and advertise to consumers. But how can new and used car... READ MORE >
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Can Your Equity Tool Do This?

  It can be difficult to weed through the available equity tools to find the solution that best fits your new or used car dealership. DealActivator won a Dealer’s Choice Diamond Award because it stands out from the pack. With over 10 years of careful and calculated development, DealActivator... READ MORE >
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