Access Facts: Navigate Your DMS with PowerSearch

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

Imagine this scenario: You’re looking for a floorplan payoff in a previous time period. In order to access this information, you have to go through each period individually and search for the transaction. If the floorplan payoff is not found in one period, you have to move back through previous periods and search until you find the desired payoff transaction.

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Dominion Dealer Solutions has created a more efficient search process with the development of PowerSearch by Dominion ACCESS. With unique Business Intelligence search capability, PowerSearch eliminates the need for the user to search periods individually. PowerSearch searches all periods on the system automatically and returns the results in one shot. With this tool, the reference field takes on a greater significance and function as a second control for a search variable. All you need is to enter a character string in the search field and initiate the search. The system will return all transactions with that character string as either the reference or the control. It searches both reference and control fields simultaneously.

With this tool, the reference field can take on greater significance and function as a second control as a search variable.








Don’t forget, you can access data as far back as the very first transaction that you entered into Dominion ACCESS. This is your data – and you have constant access to it.

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