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  • How to Win on Google’s New SERP

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Strategist  On February 19, 2016, Google released a change to its search engine results page (SERP).  Now up to four paid search ads will display above the organic desktop search results. The paid search ads previously found on the right side of the page have been removed.  Three ads will also […]

  • Responsive Web Design: February’s Tip of the Month

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Strategist  This increase in mobile shopper behavior has drastically changed how consumers behave. Consumers want information and they want it fast. 82% of smartphone users say that they consult their phones about purchases that they are about to make in-store*. As a result, it very important for both the dealership brand and […]

  • SEO Tip of the Month: Quality Content

      By: Brooke Reese, Search Strategist Creating great unique content that will be not only consumed, but shared, by your customer base is one of the cornerstones of a successful internet marketing strategy. But how can you tell if your dealership’s current marketing efforts are creating quality content that both engages your audience and improves your […]

  • SEO Tip: Site Linking for Your Dealership Website

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Specialist, Dominion Dealer Solutions Quality links to your dealership website can improve your site’s visibility, traffic and engagement. That being said, taking shortcuts and gaining low-quality links can cause your responsive design automotive website to be penalized by the search engines.  Here are a few questions to ask about the sites linking […]

  • SEO Tip of the Month: Mobile Search

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Specialist, Dominion Dealer Solutions Mobile search is growing exponentially. Are car buyers able to find your dealership on their mobile devices?  In addition to on-site optimization efforts, make sure to tackle the items below to improve your dealership’s mobile visibility. Optimize your local listings – There are a limited number of search results […]

  • Tip of the Month: SEO Strategies

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Strategist Every business owner should know that local SEO is important but understanding why it’s important is sometimes difficult to grasp. Without an online presence for your business, there is no way to tell your local audience that you exist. Implementing a local SEO strategy can help to focus on a […]

  • Tip of the Week: Search and Social Media

    By: Brooke Reese, Search Strategist Search and Social Media work better together. Recently, Google and Twitter reached a deal where tweets will now show up within search results. However, Twitter is not the only social platform used in the automotive industry that will have an effect on search engine results pages or search campaigns. Studies […]