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  • Three Requirements for an Engaging VDP Experience

    By: Steve Lausch, Marketing Director In Part III of our “Rocking Your Sales Funnel” blog series, we began unpacking two of the three key objectives dealers must tackle as digital shoppers commence online research: Capturing the search. This is accomplished by having both SEO and SEM absolutely dialed in. Capturing the shopper. This means providing […]

  • Rocking Your Sales Funnel, Part III

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing    In Part I and Part II of the “Rocking Your Sales Funnel” series, we looked at shoppers in the Pre-awareness and Awareness stages of the purchase cycle and provided an overview of the three phases of the Research stage (commencing research, condensing research, and confirming research). Today, […]

  • Conquesting Sales in Your Service Drive

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing  Dealers have worked hard to build healthy pipelines full of leads from various sources. Lead generation happens on the lot, in the showroom, or from websites and other third-party marketplace sites. These “leads” start high in the funnel and are worked until  a small percentage of them close […]

  • Rocking Your Sales Funnel, Part II

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing  In Part I of my Rocking Your Sales Funnel blog series, we considered the Pre-Awareness stage of today’s online shopper. In it, we examined how traditional advertising, social media, reputation management, and loyalty marketing are passively absorbed by the pre-aware shopper. These efforts are critical since shoppers are forming […]

  • Rocking Your Sales Funnel, Part I

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing  In yesterday’s blog post on Complex Buying Behavior, I asked dealers to consider the unique perspective of today’s car shopper. Major purchases, such as acquiring a new vehicle, are expensive, emotional, personal, uncommon, and unfamiliar to the shopper.  Understanding the customer’s perspective, we now turn to the process consumers […]

  • Understanding Complex Buying Behavior:

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing George Carlin, the late comedian and actor once noted, “Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” Perspective is invaluable. In fact, amazing things happen when we go beyond what people […]

  • 2015 Internet Trends: Part 2

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing, Dominion Dealer Solutions On the Rise: A Culture of Immediacy We’ve long lived in the “microwave culture,” where instant gratification is king.  Especially in mobile, the obvious trend moves the user from achieving things quickly to doing so immediately. “Buy Now” buttons are appearing everywhere in an attempt […]

  • 2015 Internet Trends: Part 1

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing, Dominion Dealer Solutions We know the Internet is changing things. What is not appreciated; however, is just how much it has impacted aspects of everyday life since its debut to the public 25 years ago. As it relates to the auto industry, the Internet has formed the way […]

  • How to Engage Online Shoppers (Without Antagonizing Them!)

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing Online shoppers come to your website for one reason: research. As they research, they are inviting you to engage with them. So, how do you engage them? By providing them with the valuable insight and delightful experience they are hoping to find.    Unfortunately, the gimmicks we sometimes […]

  • Perfect Your Marketing, Part 2: A PubCon Recap

    By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing  Last month, Guy Kawasaki opened PubCon 2015 with a keynote addressing the top 10 ways to Perfect Your Marketing. I have always enjoyed Guy’s presentations and, once again, he did not disappoint. In my initial post, I covered the first five of Guy’s points. To reframe the context, they […]