Become the Ray Kroc of your dealership – Reporting

Become the Ray Kroc of your dealership – Reporting

In Part 1 of the three part blog series, “Become the Ray Kroc of Your Dealership,” we explained how automotive dealers can easily increase revenue with process-oriented Multi-Point Inspections. In Part 2, we will cover reporting, the second area of a car dealership that requires a strict process and attention to detail.

Many dealers have a general idea of what to look for in their reports, but understanding the data is not always easy. Dealers should be able to quickly pinpoint profit leaks and determine which areas of the dealership are generating the most revenue.

So you may be asking, “How you can I become the Ray Kroc of reporting with the help of my Dealer Management System?”

A good DMS dashboard should help you keep tabs on the pulse of your dealership.

In the automotive software industry, new and used car dealers have been hearing about the benefits of dashboards for some time. A well-developed dashboard makes becoming the Ray Kroc of your dealership easier than you may think. Does your DMS have a dashboard? If so, use every tool it provides. An effective DMS dashboard enables you to keep a finger on the pulse of your dealership.

The information needed for different roles, stores and regions will vary; therefore, customization is key. Ensure your dashboards can be standardized depending on the user’s role. If all sales managers need a specific type of reporting, make sure the dashboard can easily replicate that.

Once a dashboard is created in the DMS, you’ll want the ability to share it with various dealership employees while keeping the details intact. Make sure that your DMS allows you the option of pre-created dashboards in addition to customized ones. These qualities will bring you one step closer to Kroc-like skills without having to do a lot of manual work.

DMS reporting can only make you more like the fast food giant if the information is accurate. Are the reports true to what’s actually going on in your dealership at that point in time? Real-time data in your DMS allows you and your dealership staff to create a process that generates a higher ROI by showing where profit leaks occur.

Tablet-friendly reporting allows everyone in the dealership to view the dashboards while being away from their desks.

As tablets and mobile devices become more prevalent in new and used car dealerships, it is important that your DMS reports are tablet-friendly. This allows dealership employees to view the dashboards while away from their desks. The mobility of tablet reporting means that you can reference data during meetings from anywhere in the dealership.

Reporting is such a crucial part of a dealership. Embodying Ray Kroc’s methods of process-oriented, detailed reports doesn’t need to be difficult! Using a Dealer Management System with the right tools allows you and others to easily access the status of your dealership.

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