A Blind Man’s Sign: The Power of Messaging

The Power of Messaging: From a Blind Man’s Sign to Your Dealership

A blind man sits in a park with a sign hanging from his neck saying, “I am blind, please help,” and a tin cup in front of him. A passing man write pauses, seeing only three quarters in the cup. He asks, “Sir, may I change your sign?” Later that day, the blind man’s cup was overflowing with money. What did the message read?

“It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.”

You’ve likely seen this video before, exhibiting one of the most powerful messages in marketing: the importance of each message as part of a larger story. Properly framing the issue at hand helps the reader know where to focus their attention.

How does this apply to your dealership?

A story can be told very quickly and powerfully. “For Sale: New Cars” is less likely to engage the customer than a sign that reads, “For Sale: Freedom on the Open Road”.

When you are communicating with your customer, remember that you are ultimately selling them a mindset; customers shape their view of themselves and their environment based off of what they adopt. Make it easy for them by presenting messaging that informs desirable action. This should be the case in both your individual vehicle descriptions and overall promotional content for the dealership. Compelling vehicle descriptions always tell a story. Does the vehicle have a warranty or certification? Are there third party reviews positively portraying the vehicle’s features that potential buyers should read?

Does your dealership have a compelling story? We’d love to hear about it! Post your story below and we’ll share it.