Brand Advocacy – “Be The Buzz”

Likes, Re-tweets, and Pins. All words commonplace within today’s digital landscape.

Be The Buzz Image, Brand Campaign There is no better advertising than testimonials. Satisfied customers build faith in your dealership. They allow future customers to get to know your staff, before they even walk in the door. A strong brand campaign will increase both sales and the life long value of a customer.

All of this information is not new, but the platform for brand advocacy has changed with increased technology. These conversations are now taking place online. With various sites available to customers it is now necessary for dealerships to have an integrated social media management strategy. Monitoring what customers are saying about your dealership on the internet.  Mending relationships with customers who were not satisfied, and promoting the experience of happy customers.

The days of wooing your customers once they walk in your door is over.  Today you must engage and connect online, making your dealership stand out from the rest.

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