Managed Marketing

  • What is Progressive Retail?

    It’s nothing new to note that technology influences the way we do business to the point where we shape how we do business around the technology available. Mobile technology, for example, allows us to provide information to customers in the middle of the used-car lot and service lane, instead of over a desk. Easy-to-use alignment […]

  • How to do Social Content?

    By: George Nenni What is your PTAT score? Social media usage in the U.S. continues to grow at an impressive clip. With more than 1 out of every 8 online minutes being spent on Facebook, dealers must learn ways they can take advantage of these eyeballs, and build a strong online community. While some dealers […]

  • The Three R’s of Real Time Marketing

    In today’s 24/7 media cycle, there is a constant stream of events happening. Add to the equation the rapidly growing number of social platforms and you’ve got a recipe for successful real time marketing. What exactly is real time marketing? Definitions may vary, however a practical one for use in this article would be; the […]

  • Content is King

    Many years ago, I heard an influential digital marketing speaker tell his audience that the most important next hire in automotive dealerships should be a Content Manager. He was right then, and is still correct today. There is no substitute for great content. Great content is why we choose to have long conversations with a […]

  • The Retirement of The Traditional Billboard

    Consider this scenario: You’re driving down the highway on the way to the dealership. Every 50 to 100 feet you notice a glimpse of a rectangular structure in the air alongside the road. A few years back, billboards were a great method to reach potential customers who might eventually become customers of your business. However, […]

  • Redefining Digital Advertising

    How does your dealership reach potential customers? Do you have an effective direct mail program? Are you active on social media? Is your website up-to-date and using the latest in responsive technology? If so, you’re probably already ahead of the competition, but do you want to take it a step further? Why Digital Advertising? Digital […]

  • What’s the Future of “Hands- Free” Devices and Will They Be Safe?

    By: Brandon Sowash Intern, Dominion Dealer Solutions We all know that texting and driving are strictly prohibited and even illegal in most states, but vehicle manufacturers seem to have fixed that problem by integrating with hands free devices. The real question is “Are these hands- free devices safe?” We’ll review some reasons why there is […]