• How to Prepare Your Website for User Testing

    User testing is evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users. User testing can be a great way to determine whether customers believe your website and applications are useful. Use feedback to fine-tune your landing page and features so that you are able to improve user performance and satisfaction. There are a variety of […]

  • The Incredible Evolving Mobile Shopper

    Several months ago, our aging desktop PC flashed its final “blue screen of death”, and we retired it to a local school.  We decided to replace it with a shiny new iMac, and for a few weeks, my wife, teens, and tweens all wanted a turn on the new toy. Soon enough though the family […]

  • What Might Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” Ranking Changes Mean to Your Dealership?

    By: Adam Dennis, VP of Product Development, Dominion Dealer Solutions Google uses over 200 factors to determine website relevancy, and now HTTPS has been thrown into the mix, with a rule that Google is calling “HTTPS Everywhere.” From keyword relevance and backlinks to social shares and web page loading time, Google uses its ranking signals […]

  • 4 Market Insights That Inspire Us

    Dominion Dealer Solutions Draws Inspiration How We Use Market Insights to Shape Our Business Market Insight #1:  “Technology’s underlying value proposition is delivering improved business results” –Robert Berndt, President, Dominion Dealer Solutions What this tells us: Many technologists are developing software to sustain business operations. Yet, technology is only powerful when it allows a business to thrive, not just exist. How we’ve […]

  • Lions, Tigers, and Responsive Websites- Oh My!

    The World Wildlife Fund Thoughtful Responsive Website Design Today’s blog post focuses on the World Wildlife Fund’s responsive website. We chose to feature this selection for a few key reasons: 1. Simple Navigation For mobile users, navigation is adjusted according to the width of the browser. Therefore, users are not presented with an over-sized image […]

  • Optimize Your Website With Responsive Design

    Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Site from Dominion Dealer Solutions: #5 Responsive Sites are Faster Not all responsive sites can make this claim, but Dominion can. Our responsive sites optimize images so that loading time is expedited. In fact, PCG Consulting ranked Dominion Dealer Solutions as having the “fastest loading sites” in […]

  • How to Market Your Dealership to Millennials

    Generation Y, or Millennials, are the 80 million young adults born between 1976 and 2001. Despite perceptions shaped by events including: 9/11, school shootings, and economic decline, this generation still remains optimistic about the future. Milliennials are commonly characterized as a diverse generation, thriving on aspiring entrepreneurship. To date, Millennials are the most studied generation […]

  • How to Market Your Dealership to Baby Boomers

    By Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, comprises 26 percent of U.S. citizens- a substantial portion of the population. This generation experienced unprecedented educational, social, and financial opportunities following a time of post-war optimism. Consumer goods played a significant role in this generation’s upbringing, […]

  • How to Market Your Dealership to Generation X

    The 51 million people born between 1965 and 1977 represent Generation X. More ethnically diverse than the generations before them, this generation grew up in an era of uncertainty and technological advancement. Characterized by inherent skepticism, these savvy consumers pride themselves on making informed purchase decisions. Gen X’s preferences are a stark contrast to those of Millennials- […]

  • Create a Digital Picture that Wins the Click

    How Can Your Dealership Create a Digital Picture to Win the Click? In today’s automotive marketplace, having a dealership website is not enough. To be successful within a local market, dealers must have an expanded web presence. Dealerships should incorporate: an engaging and relevant responsive website, news, advertising, SEO/SEM, social interactions, and reputation management into […]

  • Websites that Adapt to Consumer Behavior

    Adapting Your Website For Various Platforms Many of the challenges facing Automotive Dealers today stem from an influx of information. The consumer has many resources available to them. If they have issues accessing information on your websites they can easily access other dealership websites in the surrounding area. How do we gain the attention of […]