When it Comes to Video Content: Engagement is Value

Most have seen the statistics stating that videos are the #1 searched item on Google today. There is no doubt that online videos are the future of automotive marketing. Live videos are powerful storytellers- instantly conveying vehicle attributes to the consumer. Did you know that these same videos also can drive engagement and SEO? There are three key points to think about when it comes to utilizing videos for your dealership to drive traffic and brand awareness.

1. Engagement is value

Google defines engagement not as clicks or views, but, around share of time.  Share of time for video is how long the content was watched and if it was shared with others. Videos that are watched for a longer duration of time and shared on social will keep eyes on your brand longer. In order to increase engagement, keep your videos short and to the point.

2. Dealership Commercials

Videos that are created should not only be posted on your website, but also posted to YouTube and tagged appropriately for SEO. Did you know that of the dealer commercials that were aired on television and posted to YouTube, 25% of all of the YouTube viewers never saw the commercial on television?  This is a truly expanded reach with minimal additional effort or budget.

3. DIY Content

Some of the most viewable and shareable content today is Do it Yourself (DIY) video, especially organically.  Two areas where dealers can really make an impact are:

  • Service engagement videos – Showing the customers how to do your own oil change, or your own brakes, as well as how to check fluids and change bulbs.
  • Post sale education – Videos on the operation of items in the car that the customer may not have gotten or simply didn’t retain at the point of delivery.  A few examples are: how to use Sync in Ford,  how to set-up your vehicles hands-free system, and how to program and update your navigation system.

If you want to learn more about creating high-quality, share-worthy video, check out Dominion’s live video solutions.