Confessions of a Car Buyer

car buyer1. “I’m not tuning out your digital ad”

According to an AdWeek study, car buyers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital ads than the average population. In addition, they are more likely to own smartphones, as well as tablets, and are more prone to be digital video streamers, both online and on mobile devices.

2.  “We may need to start from the beginning again”

car buyerAccording to a Microsoft Advertising study, nearly 1/3 of automotive shoppers experience “switchbacks”, where they move backward into earlier stages of the purchasing journey.

3. “I trust the Internet”

A Capgemini global survey of 8,000 car buyers found that 71% of respondents would likely purchase a vehicle from an automaker or dealer if they found positive comments on social media sites. Reputation management is key.

4. “If I don’t like your videos, I’m not sure I want to buy your car”

car buyerAccording to a Google insights study, over half of auto shoppers now watch 30 minutes of video or more prior to purchase. 65% were able to narrow down their options after watching videos, and 49% visited a dealership.

5. “I’m shopping around and I expect you to know what your competitors are offering”

Car buyers are cross-shopping and spending hours researching their options on the internet. They expect you to do the same. According to the JDPA Website Performance Tools study, new-vehicle buyers visit 3.4 automotive websites, on average, during the six months prior to purchase.

Battle of the sexes.6. “Let’s wrap up the negotiation in 15 minutes or less, ok?”

According to a J.D. Power online survey, 60% of buyers would like to wrap up the price negotiation in 15 minutes or less. Overall customer satisfaction dips significantly after that threshold.

7. “If a I had a negative previous ownership experience, I may hold it against you”

A Google Insights study finds, 70% of previous ownership experiences significantly influence purchase decisions. The cost of gas, cost of vehicle maintenance, customer service at the dealership, communications throughout ownership, convenience of the dealership location, and the process of scheduling maintenance are all factors that may influence future purchases.