DealActivator Fits Right in at Lakeland Automall

DealActivator Fits Right in at Lakeland Automall

By Lindsay Crosson

Lakeland Automall sits in the heart of central Florida, Lakeland Florida to be exact. Danielle Klonecki, Business Development Director sat down with the DealActivator team to dote on the data-mining tool and explain exactly how it fits into the distinct business roles of the dealership.

“DealActivator has created a tool that has allowed us to plug and play in each different process that we have in our dealership to make sure we are contacting and staying in touch with as many customers as we can.”

The goal-oriented and personalized dashboards for Lakeland Automall’s BDC and Sales and team has allowed the dealership to strengthen their customer communication and solidify the proven business processes they already have established.

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