Dealer Specialties Integrates Galves Auto Price List into MarketControl™ Analytics Solution

Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, today announced the integration of Galves Auto Price List into the appraisal tool of MarketControl Analytics. Dealer Specialties is the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive inventory management solutions, data services and merchandising tools.

“We have recognized the strong allegiance that dealers particularly in the northeastern U.S. have for the Galves Auto Price List and how that adds key functionality and integration to our MarketControl Analytics solution,” said Glen Garvin, group general manager of Dealer Specialties. “Combining the MarketControl Analytics appraisal tool with Galves Auto Price List will help dealers quickly and easily obtain valuable book values.”

Galves Auto Price List has been providing trade-in values to the automotive industry since 1957.

They rely on an experienced staff of editors and consultants to analyze thousands of wholesale transactions each week to produce the most timely and accurate trade-in values available.

MarketControl Analytics, the industry’s first real-time, market-based pricing and stocking solution, helps dealers make better inventory decisions to increase inventory turn rates and maximize profitability. With the appraisal tool, dealers can confidently boost profits before acquiring inventory. Seamless integration of third-party sources like Galves helps dealers ensure a quick and profitable sale.

“We’re excited to have our values integrated into MarketControl Analytics,” said Dan Galves, editor of Galves. “The accuracy of our values combined with the analytical perspective offered by Dealer Specialties gives dealers exactly the type of information they need to make smart business decisions.”