Should Your Dealership Incorporate Interactive Video Pre-Roll?

Video pre-roll advertisements are relatively new to the market.  But, most of the time consumers skip advertisements due to inconvenience and the desire to only view the video they initially wanted to watch. So the question is, how do you as a dealership change the mind of the consumer and engage him or her in your pre-roll advertisement?

The answer is to get creative.  Dealers can incorporate interactive video pre-roll or reinvent existing advertisements to engage the minds of the consumer. Video watch time is increasing among buyers, especially in the automotive industry and consumers shopping for new automobiles are watching more videos than they have in the past.  In fact, according to a Google study, over half of auto consumers spend 30 minutes or more watching videos in order to make a purchasing decision; which is a huge chunk of the market that dealers need to be aware of and advertise to.

So, how do dealers effectively market to consumers watching videos? Some video pre-roll ads will attract consumers just by the swipe of a bar that is strategically placed at the bottom of the video. Then, as the viewer swipes, a picture of the dealer logo or a car will appear. Other pre-roll ads will grab the attention of the consumer by incorporating a video of a toddler dancing, or two puppies playing in the yard. Below is an example of interactive video pre-roll where the slide to fit bar creates a picture of what the dealer ultimately wants to market to consumers.

Dealers need to decide if interactive video pre-roll or standard video pre-roll ads will work well for their dealership.  TubeMogal did a study in 2013 and found that interactive pre-roll outperforms standard pre-roll in three categories: Brand awareness, message association, and purchase intent. They also found that interactive pre-roll has an 82% video completion rate if the video is 15 seconds long. But, that number drops to 69.9% as the video duration time increases to 30 seconds.

Standard pre-roll ads can engage consumers just as well as interactive. To do this, dealers need to find the right strategy that will provide optimal results. One example is to incorporate a car that crashes into the skip button to show safety features and vehicle crash ratings. Another way to increase brand awareness is by having a car that drives over a “speed bump” which then turns into the skip button to show that the car can drive through any terrain. Take a moment and watch an example of these pre-roll features showcased in the video below.

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