Is your Dealership Maximizing the Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

Did you know that 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt?

Your dealership has a limited amount of advertising dollars to spend across multiple platforms. Integrating mobile marketing into every campaign enables a dealer’s ad dollars to work smarter. Mobile marketing allows your dealership to reach a highly targeted audience and have direct marketing communication with a diverse group of automotive customers.  Mobile devices are typically owned by one individual who carries their mobile device at all times. Therefore, customers can check your marketing message in real time.  Consumers are turning to mobile devices as the primary channel for sending and receiving communications. In fact, there are more consumers using text messaging than there are those regularly using email.

  • 84 percent of consumers rely on their mobile devices when searching for sale items, price comparison, and product reviews
  • 67% of mobile device owners find themselves checking their phone for messages or calls when they do not notice their phone ringing
  • 29% of mobile device owners describe their phone as “something they cannot live without”

Your dealership needs a mobile marketing strategy-this is the age in which we live. When establishing a mobile marketing strategy make sure to consider your customers. The type of customers that you plan to reach should influence the type of ads and mobile marketing techniques that your dealership uses. One technique for mobile marketing is to use a responsive website design for your dealership’s website. This type of website design automatically recognizes the size of the mobile device- tablet, smartphone, etc, and adjusts the consumer experience accordingly. Most importantly, establish effective two way communication to build customer loyalty.  Experiment with different strategies- if one strategy is not as successful as expected try a new strategy and record your results.

A strong mobile presence is a dealership requirement to maintain relevance in a  mobile world.  More consumers are spending more time engaging with their mobile devices than ever before.  Take note that mobile does not just mean smartphone.  Tablets complement smartphones, and only increase the time consumers are spending on technological devices. With well over 300 million mobile phone users in the U.S., is your dealership capitalizing on this as much as it could?

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