Do you know where your dealership’s reputation stands?

Do you know where your dealership’s reputation stands?

A recent survey conducted by AutoSuccess and Dominion Dealer Solutions addressed how consumers perceive online reviews. 

The survey asked a few simple questions concerning reputation management. It opened with a story about a man who forgot to celebrate his wife’s anniversary. To avoid his wife’s heartbreak, the man finds three restaurants that he believes will facilitate his redemption efforts and keep his marriage safe. Based on Google reviews for three different restaurants, participants were required to choose the one they believed would be the best choice. Restaurant 1 had a fair amount of good reviews and not many bad reviews; however, the existing bad reviews were not acknowledged by management. Restaurant 2 had about the same amount of good reviews and a few bad reviews, but the restaurant 2 management consistently responded to the bad reviews. Restaurant 3 had only one single 5-star review, but it was over 2 years old. Based on these options, 76% of respondents found that restaurant 2, which had only a few bad reviews and demonstrated management concern, was the best option.

Consumers are undoubtedly influenced by a brand’s feedback and believe that is an important component when choosing where to transact. A response from management isn’t just for the reviewer, it speaks to all potential shoppers.

When there is a lot of variability in the way customers shop and what they are exposed to, it is important for dealerships to stay balanced.  They should have reviews and customer responses on multiple review sites. The survey went on to ask dealers, “Do you feel that your dealership’s reputation is accurately portrayed online?”  Almost half (42%) responded “not sure” and 21% felt that their dealership’s reputation is not accurately portrayed online. The majority of respondents answering “not sure” shows that dealers may not have a process in place for reputation management.

Similarly, the survey asks, “How important is dealership reputation management to the future success of your business?” There was a shocking response, 100% of dealers surveyed believe dealership reputation management is very important to the future success of a dealership. And like we learned from the survey, 76% of consumers would choose restaurant 2 for their anniversary dinner, which had an abundance of positive reviews and management’s attention. We wouldn’t be surprised if restaurant 2 was also the most profitable of the three. In short, people are drawn to businesses they feel they can trust, and businesses with strong online reputations that show transparency can be trusted.  

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