Dominion Autobase introduces enhanced inventory with its online version

Dominion Autobase introduces enhanced inventory with its online version

Dominion’s award-winning CRM, Autobase, introduces new, enhanced inventory functionality for dealers using the online version of the CRM software. This new functionality gives dealers greater flexibility while using their Inventory data inside the Autobase CRM. Everything can be done easily inside one application rather than two.

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Robust integrations lead to streamlined processes for your dealership staff. Autobase can receive detailed inventory data — allowing users to view all of the vehicles pulled from the dealership’s inventory feed. This includes the ability to send vehicle brochures to the dealership’s customers. The vehicle brochure directs potential car buyers to a vehicle landing page where they can interactively view detailed specifications and photos. Customers can further use the payment calculator, receive directions to the auto dealership, retrieve a vehicle history report, and also view similar vehicles that are available in the dealer’s inventory.

Viewing Vehicle Detail In the Autobase Inventory screens

A user can click Show Details on any vehicle to see additional information on the vehicle – including images and options. This gives dealership staff immediate access to important vehicle information while interacting with customers.

Email Preview for sending Brochure to customer in Autobase

Users can send a brochure from the dealership’s inventory or from the vehicle of interest screen. Once received by the customer, they can click “View More Details” and be taken to the interactive vehicle website where they can view specifications of that vehicle along with viewing similar vehicles available.

Vehicle brochure landing page

This offering is available at no additional charge for Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Autobase Online customers. For more details about the benefits of this new feature and how your dealership can use it, please contact your account representative. If you don’t have Autobase Online and would like more information, call 877-421-1040.

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