Drive Customer Focus with Data-Based Decision Making

Data-based Decision Making

Drive Customer Focus with Data-Based Decision Making

Drive Customer Focus with Data-Based Decision Making

58% of surveyed said that they base at least half of their regular business decisions on gut feel or experience, instead of being data and information-driven.  – BI Survey

Data-based decision making is quickly becoming a trend throughout corporate America, reaching nearly every industry from education to automotive. The newer approach values decisions that can be backed with actual data. Only a third of businesses currently use information and data to identify new business opportunities and predict future trends and behavior. Previously we’ve tackled the different ways data-driven decision making can improve your dealership’s inventory and digital marketing strategies, but in this third installment, we will discuss the different ways that data-based decision making can be used to enhance customer relationships and the overall customer experience.

Using data-based decisions to focus your customer attention

37% of salespeople say their biggest challenge is getting in touch with prospects. – HubSpot

Data, when paired with other technologies, gives you the power to analyze customer communications. Using data around customer interactions, dealers can identify preferred contact methods and times for individual customers. Dealer solutions that track customer activities and are able to score customers’ level of interaction, or lack thereof, will help your sales team with decisions around who to contact, when to contact them, and what method to use.

A system that can analyze customer behavior and then properly implement suggestions on how to communicate with them bodes well for both reps and managers. The sales team is given the direction and equipment needed to communicate with customers correctly at precisely the right time. This data can then be turned into a report, so not only are the customers scored but the employees are too! This shows managers which reps are making rockstar connections and which are slacking.

Automotive CRM systems with data-based technologies also show reps which customers are more likely to respond. Sales reps no longer have to weed through the database and cross their fingers that someone picks up or emails back. Combining the knowledge of how and when each customer prefers to be contacted with the reason why the customer should be contacted, exponentially increases a sales reps desire to make productive contact with customers. Getting sales reps excited about a CRM’s capabilities and enabling them to have better success when reaching customers is a win-win.

How can data stop customers from slipping through the cracks?

Failure to properly follow up with customers is damaging to a dealership’s reputation and revenue. Inconsistency and lack of follow up can result in disgruntled customers, forgotten appointments and missed marketing opportunities. Unintentional human error, an overwhelming database full of customers, appointments, vacation, and forgetfulness are all things dealership sales employees can potentially fall victim to.

Using data-based decisions and AI-powered automotive CRM solutions built to look through customers and their engagement on a regular basis solves that problem. These types of software keep an open line of communication between the dealership and the customer. They can aid in appointment reminders, leave friendly messages with customers about service schedulings, and ultimately keep a dealership’s business running smoothly.

Dominion’s automotive solutions utilize a data-based approach to customer interaction and retention. Our AI-powered auto CRM system, Dominion Vision™, utilizes an Activity Focus feature to keep your sales team aware of when and how to contact customers. Dominion Vision’s virtual assistant keeps customers from slipping through the cracks, while the “Best Ten” module shows which customers are most likely to respond. To learn more about data-driven influence within the automotive industry stayed tuned for the final installment in our blog series covering the influence data-driven decision making has on the dealer management system.  

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