Drive Shoppers to Your Showroom and Keep Them There with Vehicle-Rich Content

CPO-Products-InventoryBy: Jennifer Ryan, Product Director – Inventory Solutions, Dominion Dealer Solutions

Car shoppers are a fickle bunch. Even after they arrive at the dealership with intentions of purchasing a specific vehicle on your lot, many are still shopping on their smartphones. They are comparing prices at other dealerships, or verifying specific details about the model they are interested in. They may even be texting friends or family with questions or final recommendations. But, the fact is, they are still shopping. According to a J.D. Power Autoshopper Study, consumers who use their smartphones while at a dealership access pricing content most frequently, followed by model information. While price is a persuasive element in the decision-making process, it’s not the only element you should consider.

To grab consumers’ attention and retain it throughout the vehicle purchase cycle, you need to adopt a comprehensive merchandising approach that delivers rich merchandising content across all the consumer shopping touch points. Vehicle-rich information adds value across the digital landscape, drives search results and keeps car shoppers interested in your vehicles. Below are 5 important content elements for every vehicle and why you need to start including them today.

Price – First, every vehicle listing should include a price. Did you know that used vehicle listings that include a price are viewed three times more than listings with no price? Second, make sure your vehicles are priced right for your market. Leverage available price guidance tools to help price your vehicles to attract the attention of online shoppers and remain among their comparison set.

Photos – Say no to stock photos. Actual photos drive more engagement. In fact, a recent study concluded that using 27 photos on your vehicle detail page (VDP) is the sweet spot for engagement. Numbers aside, photos provide rich content and add value to your vehicle listings.

Video – Consumers continue to thirst for online videos. According to a study conducted by the Kelsey Group, 59% of shoppers select a dealership based on the fact that they have video on their website. You’ll increase the amount of time car shoppers spend on your VDPs by adding a stitched video, at the very least, to every vehicle. Then, select your hot vehicles, high SRP-to-VDP-converting vehicles, or any unique vehicles and go the extra step with live, actual walk around video to drive better online engagement and showroom traffic.

Comments – Everyone loves a good story. When you tailor the story to speak to specific car shoppers with compelling and relevant, vehicle-specific information that brings the vehicle to life – that’s a win. Using an automatic comment generator will save you time and power your VDPs with deeper, more compelling descriptions. Plus, vehicles using automatic comments turn 34% faster than used vehicles with no comments, or comments that were inserted manually.

Above all, stay focused on time to market. Timeliness of creating, posting and publishing information-rich vehicle listings is the key to capturing clicks and ensuring exposure for your vehicles.

Dominion’s comprehensive Inventory Manager and IVM Mobile App simplify the process of collecting, creating and enhancing rich merchandising content to help dealers deliver VDPs that grab attention and drive shoppers to your showroom.

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