Top Four Tips for App Advertising

mobile app advertising

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”-Ken Robinson

Being that smartphone users are spending more time using apps instead of web browsers, mobile app advertising is seeing a significant growth. Online social network service, Facebook, has publicized significant additions to its mobile app advertising program. Marketers will soon be able to optimize for both reach and frequency, use autoplay video in app install and target Amazon Fire users.

Facebook explained in a blog post that new options for mobile app ads allows advertisements to increase awareness and controls how often an app user is seeing an ad. For instance, advertisers can program their app to reach 4 million users with a frequency cap of three impressions per person for one week.

Facebook is familiar with the power of the holiday season for marketing mobile apps as so many people receive new devices as gifts. To help advertisers, Facebook has shared the following five tips for app advertising best practices:

#1 Find new device owners

The smartphone sales increased by 25% last holiday season compared to the quarter before. Focus on reaching new device owners by targeting Facebook users that have recently used Facebook on a new mobile device.

#2 Reach specific devices

You can target mobile users that own newer devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 ,Amazon Fire, iPhone6 if your app is optimized for certain devices.

#3 Optimize campaigns

For the most effective delivery for mobile app install ads, choose “optimize for installs.” Choose reach and frequency buying app launches and major updates for app launches and major updates.

#4 Identify your top app users

Build a custom audience using the top 25 percent of app users. Next, build a lookalike audience based off of it to find app users with similar characteristics.

Now is the time to utilize app advertising to reach your potential customers.